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On June 10th 2012 our 2 year contract ended. We called starting the week prior to this date to see what Dish would do for loyal, on time paying customers to retain our business for another 2 year contract...after 4 separate phone calls, there is nothing they do to retain current customers business. We stated to have it shut off as we would not be renewing our service. We called to have Direct TV installed. They were to come on June 14th, 2012. On June 13th, I received a call from Andy 7RD (they all have an operator ID), who said he was with the customer retention department. That he wanted one last chance to retain our business. I explained that I had called 4 previous times and no one could do anything for us. He said, this is what I can offer you:

No contracts

No Commitment

No installation fee

Free Starz, Showtime and Cinnemas for 3 months

24 month special pricing (remember NO CONTRACT THOUGH)

Brand new 922 dual DVR/receiver FREE no monthly fee

plus the 722 we already have $17.00

the 211 which we already have $7.00

all for $47.99 months 1-12

then for months 13-24 (remember no contract, cancel anytime because you won't be in a contract) your bill will only go up $7

You will keep the same programming you had previously America's Top 120

I verified and re-verified and was sent over to the verification department to give them my social security number and credit card that monthly bills would auto charge to. Even though we had a previous contract, in order to qualify for his, ANDY 7RD, special i had to give them this info again as if I was a new customer. everything checked out and our new installation (remember you are getting the 922 Dual DVR/Receiver Free monthly) for June 20th.

I called back 1 hour later to verify that all the notes were on my account and ANDY 7RD had told me the truth. It was verified that all the above notes were accurate. I spoke with a supervisor.

I called Direct TV to cancel installation for the next day.

NOTHING HAS BEEN ACCURATE SINCE INSTALLATION. I have made multiple phone calls since June 20th and spent countless hours on the phone with Dish to get billing corrected.

The following are the names and Operator ID's of each person I have spoken with and have had to have multiple adjustments because the billing in incorrect every month. Andy lied about multiple things. I AM in a contract, I DO NOT get any discounts for months 13-24. I DID NOT get free installation and had to call and have that removed from my bill.

6/13/2012- ANDY 7RD

6/21/2012- JEIME BZT

6/21/2012- MONICA QNQ removed Installation fee of $95, credited another $27.66 Verified after taxes bill should be roughly $55.73

6/30/2012 LAMAR LHC said bill should be $49.39 after taxes and discounts

7/5/12 DOMINGO 11C transfered to Supervisor JASON- he hung up after putting me on hold to verify some information called back and spoke to

VJ7 - didn't get name said bill should be $47.99 transferred to

Supervisor JOHN F9B who verified $31.00 credit was to come on the 13th of every month

7/16/12 Bill still not correct (notice it's after the 13th and adjustments have not been applied) and spoke to SONJA HAX who transferred me to Supervisor MARK U40 Storm caused power outage had to plug in land line and

7/16/2012 called back in spoke to ABIGAIL FDY supervisor for 1 hour and 45 min and finally she found all the notes stating what my bill adjustments should be and manually applied credits. I added tech support for $7 a month and brought my bill up to $54.99 plus tax.

8/2/12 received August bill and it states that we have a balance forward of $66.77 from previous month.

Spoke to MARY-RDY she said be should be $56.93 after taxes and that she could only find notes from ANDY 7RD (he was the 1st person i spoke to on June 13th that offered me all the wonderful deals) and that I was to have a bill that only applied $21 credit per month for 12 months then my bill would go up $31 after that. To a total of $86 a month. I asked to speak to a supervisor

transferred to AX FIT- he found the notes from ANDY 7RD that said I should have 3 credits a month $10, $11 and another $10 for a total of $31 a month which some of those would apply on the 13th of every month. Doesn't know why my bill indicates that we still owe $66.77 from last month except that they applied the credits to last month instead of this month. He could not find any additional notes from ANDY 7RD from June 13th 2012 indicating any other deals in the future for months 13-24 or that I was not on a contract even though I was getting special 24 month pricing. I asked what the cancellation policy was he said right now it would be $240, I said I will wait till month 13 to cancel since your agents have lied to me and taken advantage. He indicated that $240 divided by 24 equals $10 a month and that's what my cancellation fee would be, $10 a month.

I feel that I have been outright lied to and taken advantage of right from the beginning starting with ANDY 7RD. The problem is, they aren't required to actually take the notes they say they are typing and I also found out that the Operator ID's are not always accurate. When I call back in the notes left are by different operator ID's and names than the people I actually spoke with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Windermere, Florida, United States #618185

So happy to be free from Dish. I too called customer retention several times.

each one would give me a different offer. Lucky after hearing this i did not do it. I felt that they were jerking me around.

I cant beleive a company whose customer had 10 years of loyalty with them would do such a thing. The customer retention wasnt even sorry that i left Dish.


Another ex-DISH customer,

That's unfortunate to hear that you've had a difficult time with the service and I'd like to assist you with that! If you could email me your account number with some of the specifics of what happened, I would enjoy the opportunity to look into it for you and see what I can do. My email address is and I hope to hear from you!


Tired of being lied too,

I'm sorry to hear that you've had a rather poor experience with our service and it would be my pleasure to help you! Could you give me some details as to what exactly happened? My email address is and I look forward to hearing from you!

DanB@Dish Network

Hello, this is Dan Busa with DISH Social Media. I'm sorry to hear that you've been through so much trouble trying to ensure you received the offer you were promised.

If this has not been resolved I will be more than happy to look into this for you. Please email me at:


They do lie. On the phone.

Via chat. Managers, supervisors, the whole lot of them. And they'll put unauthorized charges on your credit card if you're not careful.

We just disputed a charge and filed a complaint with the BBB before they'd do anything. Never do business with them again.

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