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In May of 2011 I called Dish Network inquiring about the Free Dish Movers Program.The individual I spoke with told me it was available and therefore I set up the appt. to have them move the equipment. (install the dish at the new location) The gentleman that installed the dish finished the work and left a mess but I figured hey its free you get what you pay for. We had to have them come back 2 weeks later because the wind had blown the dish and we no longer had reception due to it not being tightened down in the first place. Then after about three weeks I called because in the 2 months of having the service I could not log on to my account and therefore was not able to see the bill so I asked for a bill to be sent to me. I recieved the bill and found a 100.00 charge for Dish mover service. I called to complain and spoke to some really sub par customer service reps who claimed they did not even offer Free mover service at this time and yes I would be charged the 100.00 and there was nothing they would do for me after about 2 hours arguing my point they hung up.

Still not satisfied with this I chatted with them yesterday and tried to get the charge removed and again I spoke with several people and they would either say we don't offer that service anymore and then when I copied and pasted directly from their website all the info they advertise about this service they said I did not qualify for the service so I asked them to tell me the qualifications and they would not they just kept saying I don't qualify than a guy named Norman got tranferred my chat and said his word was final and they would take the 100.00 from me.

He also seemed uneducated as far as the qualifications for this service. I believe they get people to call based on the advertising that it is free they don't mention ever in the conversation you have with them when setting up the move that there will be a charge than they basically steal your money from you I did not authorize this charge but am told too bad its coming out of your account anyway. Customers who call for a free service and are never told it is not going to be free should not be charged this it is an unfair business practice!!!! I thought theft was illegal!

I am very Unsatisfied with this customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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:( I am also really mad because to top off the $100 fee I have to wait 2weeks for them to come connect everything. This is ***.

They shouldnt advertise whats not true.

Then "anrew" says its for dish 500/1000 whatever that means, and the chat kept disconnecting. Very unsatisfide with dish.


I know this song and dance. They could never say what it takes to qualify.

Apparently not leaving credit card on for them to bill auto and having premium package. I am disgusted with the chains they have on me. 140 a month for tv and I have been hung in contract loop for years.

Guess we all should just grin and bear it. I'm biting my lip to stop the bleeding.


Under the Collar,

I am glad to hear that we were able to get a resolution for you. I apologize it was not exactly what you were looking for; however I can assure you we make every effort to resolve your issue at hand. I am grateful that you found someone who help retain your trust with us and encourage you to keep us posted if you have any other questions or concerns.

Amelia Court House, Virginia, United States #306555

I have gotten a satisfactory response from Dish Network and have come to a compromise they are willing to cut the $100.00 charge for the install in half to $50.00. I believe that I still should not be charged at all due to the Customer Service Rep telling me it was free several times but at least Mr. Faust was willing to do something more than any of the other individuals I have spoke or chatted with in reference to this issue.

I encourage others to contact this individual if you are having issues maybe a compromise can be reached in your case as well.

Amelia Court House, Virginia, United States #305716

I have emailed this individual named Tommy the issue and will post what the return response is so that everyone can see what they have to say.


Hey Under the Collar, I know how frustrating it can be to see charges appear on the bill.

Our DISH Mover's service has certain qualifications to be at no cost. If you qualify it's free, if not it's $100.

I would need to look at your account in order to provide more specific information for you. If you could send me an email at with that information I will review it with you!

Tommy Faust

DISH Network Executive Offices

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