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Moved to another state had 12mo left on contract. Dish came out to hook up satellite at new address told no line of sight just call and cancel.

I call to canel and they tell me they are going to charge me $216 early termination fee. I explain I am not terminating early you can no longer provide the service. They inform me to read my contract. I as where in the contract does it state this.

The show me to the section with *** that states moving location does warrant to void remainder of contract. To which I explain I am not voiding the contract because I moved you can no longer provide me with service so Dish is actually voided the contract. I would like to stay with dish if they could provide me with service but they can not. They try to explain to me that unable to provide service and moving mean the same thing in the contract.

I explain to them that their contract is quite lengthy and nowhere does it mention that if you move and they are unable to get a signal I am charged a termination fee. They again state that moving and no line of sight is the same thing. I am not a lawyer but should it not say in the contract that no line of sight if you move still means you have to pay early termination?

My wife and I have been with Dish for 6 years 5 years under her name then when we moved 1 year under my name. If this is not resolved they have lost a long time customer for good as well as anyone who will listen to my rant

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Euless, Texas, United States #787331

I was a loyal DISH customer and liked their service very much. Personally, I think they have better HD video quality then ATT HD service.

Back in Dec, I moved to new apartment which happened to be 'North Facing' apartment without DISH signal, which I was not aware till DISH rep told me about it.

And as a layman, I had no clue that 'North Facing' apartment would not have DISH signal. If I knew it, I wouldnt have moved to North Facing apartment, anyway who wants to pay early termination fees for no reason!

After moving to my new apartment, I called DISH and scheduled a move service. As expected, DISH rep came to my apartment on weekends morning and tried to figure out if he can get DISH signal which he couldn't. I lived in 3rd floor there is a apartment fence right next to my building which has 5-6 DISH and Direct TV antenna attached to fence.

I asked DISH rep if he can put my DISH on apartment fence and can run the wire from there. Without analyzing much, he said apartment wont let him do it and he can clearly see wires chopped from those antenna. Since it was weekend, I didn't had option to call my apartment and ensure that information provided by DISH rep was correct.

Since, it was not possible for me to get DISH signal ( as per that DISH rep), I called DISH same day and terminated my service. When explaining the north facing apartment and signal issue situation to DISH rep in phone, I was yelled and told that I am gonna have to pay that termination fee regardless.

It looked like that DISH lady on the phone was having bad weekends.

The irony here is, when I checked with my apartment manager next week about having DISH antenna on their fence, she told me that its perfectly fine and I can do it, and that is what other residents were doing. Those chopped wires were from those resident's DISH who had moved out of that apartment community. There you go...

If that DISH rep would have waited till next day and checked with my apartment manager, I would have to terminate my service and pay early termination fee !!!!!

Now can some one reading this explain me if it was fair enough for me to pay early termination fee just because my apartment was north facing with no DISH signal and on the top of that DISH rep misled me saying I cant have my DISH in apartment fence without checking with my apartment management even though it was possible !! Average people in this world wouldnt know that north facing apartment will not have DISH signal!

San Jose, California, United States #764338

The same happened to me. I moved from LA to Mountain View.

Two representatives told me that it would be no problem to move service if I need to move. It was clear when I signed up that I would have to move sometime within the next 2 years, therefore I specifically asked for it. I was explicitly told that if service cannot be provided in the new location, I can cancel.

The technician came out here 2 days ago and confirmed in writing that service cannot be established in my current location.

DISH is now charging me $160.- cancellation fee for the service they cant provide. I want to continue the service - DISH cant provide the service, but I am asked to pay for their inability, despite repeated reassurance.

This is truly upsetting. A company that has this kind of business ethic needs to be exposed.


Called Dish. Our Local Channels have been down 3 weeks now.

There in negotiations with broadcast company with no date in sight when this will be resolved. So they wanted to charge me a 370.00 early termination fee if I cancel my contract. There programs are down and they say it's not there fault and they take no responsibility . Attitude Oh Well.

I have 6 months left on contract .

There liars and are just there to take your money. Horrible.


I was lied to,

I understand your situation and know that can be difficult to go through. I can look into it a little further for you and see what I can do if you could please email me your account number. My email address is and I'll enjoy the opportunity to assist you!


Mad Dish customer,

It would be a pleasure to assist you with that as I went over your post! If you could, please email me your account number so I can look into your situation and check all of our options. My email address is and I appreciate your efforts!



I saw your post and found it interesting! If you could please email me your account number, I would be happy to look over it and see what I can do. My email address is and I'll look forward to your response!


I live in Lake Tahoe where there are lots of trees and achieving Line of Sight is impossible in some neighborhoods. I had LOS at my house but had to move out only 3 months into the contract.

Knowing that LOS is difficult in our area, I called DISH and asked what my obligation would be if they couldn't establish LOS at my new place. The first representative told me that I would be able to cancel my contract with no early termination fees if that was the case. I called again for the DISH Mover once I determined where I was living. Again, I confirm with the representative that I would be able to terminate my contract without a fee if LOS is not available.

Technician comes out and cannot achieve LOS. I say ok, lets just cancel my contract. But he tells me there will be a charge. I say no, TWO separate representatives told me it would not be considered early termination.

He pulls up the call log/notes on his pad, and both representatives had noted that they told me that early termination fees WILL apply even though there is no LOS. I was very upset to learn about this because not only did it affect where I chose to live, but it shows that DISH representatives will flat out LIE to you just to take your money!

When people told me that DISH sucked and another competitor was better, I thought they were talking about channels offered and personal opinion. But this takes it to another level.


Same thing happend to me. I just recently move to a different state for a job transfer.

I have 19 months left on my contract with Dish. The technician came to install at my new location and could not get a line of sight. I called to cancel services and was told that I owe a $319 early termination fee. I also explained to them that I am willing to keep the services, but they can not offer me the service anymore therefore they voided to contract.

I went round & round with them and I finally asked if I could freeze my account. I am in an apartment and only plan to be here for 6 months. Once we get a new house I will try this again with them.

They are charging me $5 per month to freeze my account. I'm tempted to just cancel & not pay anything.

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