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I moved after 20 months, technician could not get line of site at new address, he called the main office to let them know he could not install the dish. I told him I was worried because I had a few months left on the contract. He spoke with a woman, gave her the details and then handed his phone to me so I could talk with the woman. She said since they could not provide me service and I had since a short term left that she would wave any fees. I thanked her and ask her to please not this in my account, she assured me she would. I also explained that they had taken money from my bank account during the time I did not have any service. She figured it out and said that they would credit my account like $47.00. She also said that they would send me a box to return the equipment in and to be sure to be prompt or I would be charged.

I waited 2-3 weeks and still had not received a box so I called again and a woman found that it had been sent to my old address. She said she would send another, she did, I sent it back and just got confirmation 2 days ago that they received it.

I opened my email today and see that Dish Network had been in my bank account. The woman had said that they would charge like $14.00 for shipping so I figured it may be that and/or my refund. WRONG, they had taken $52.?? out of my account.

I called and asked what was going on and a man said it was the $70.00 early cancellation fee. I told him something was wrong because I had been told the fee had been waved. I was on and off hold for 39 minutes with him saying that the woman had no right to tell me the fee was dropped. I finally asked for his supervisor and he said the same thing.

I had loved Dish Network and had just told another woman to look into it. I asked the man if it was worth losing a lifetime customer over $70.00 and he said there was nothing he could do and the fee would not be dropped. I am a disabled woman on social security, but besides that when someone from a company tells a customer something I feel that the company should honor that.

I asked for the service mans name so I could get the woman's name but this so called supervisor said he would not look any farther. I ask to talk to his superior and he said there was not anyone else to talk to. I can not believe a company would lose a loyal customer and any one I talk to for life over $70.00.

Who can help me with this matter? Has this happened to others? Thank you, Deb

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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That is outstanding to hear! I'm glad you got that resolved and we'll definitely look forward to having you back with us as soon as possible! If you have any questions about the service, please let me know at and we'll be excited to add you as a customer again!



I'd like to help with that as I found it interesting! We hate to have seen you go and always appreciate feedback if you could tell me what was going on with your account and service. I'll look forward to getting some details from you if you could let me know at so I have an understanding of the situation.






Dish sux. Went bak to cable. Ahhhh, no more stupidity


Deb022159, I would be more than happy to look into this issue further for you. Please send me an email at and please include your account or phone number. Thank you!

Becki Barned

DISH Internet Response Team


Loyal customer after 20 months?


If you can not get service at your new address

they lost you as a customer so how can you be a lift long customer?

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