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I went on line to pay my dish network bill which is 125.53 the amount showing was 200.06, i chatted with an agent and they said i miss last month payment, which my bank statement showed i paid it, they told me i had a past due amount of 62.53, so i ask what month was it past due, could never get an answer for the 62.53. I had change my plan to a lower plan and all of a sudden i am behind or miss a payment, i went through the last two years of my bank statement and it showed i paid my bill every month, so she said my bill of 125.53 was due 09/13 and today is 09/15 which is for last month bill.

yea right i am glad i use my debit card to have proof that i paid my bill every month.

I am so sick and tired of these people messing around with my credit when i pay my bill on time every month. Good bye Dish Network.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Have you tried to contact their Executive Resolution Team? If you have a payment that you had payed but Dish had not recieved, it is possible it may have been placed on an incorrect account.

If you have a copy of the statement showing that you have made that payment you can send it in, and they will get you taken care of. Also, the Cust Service can run a Credit Card Payment Search.

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