My wife just called Dish Network to get a price quote on what they offered and they said they couldn't give her any information without setting up an account. Then they proceeded to tell her after she gave them her debit card information that they had to set it ups as an order and schedule the installation and if she didn't want it to call back and cancel.

They told her this was standard procedure and it was the only way to get a price quote. After my wife talked it over with me I told her they manipulated her and told her to cancel it. So she called and cancelled the installation. They verified it with her it was cancelled and their would be no charge and I called and they verified it with me also.

Then come Monday she went to go to the bank and was checking her statement and it was showing a $49.99 bankdraft from Dish Network for the installation fee that was supposedly cancelled and was never performed. I called them numerous times and got the run around. After being passed back and forth between 6 different customer service agents who were telling me they couldn't get this refunded I would have to go through the setup company who works for them. I finally asked for a manager.

Upon talking with the manager who told me she would not be able to help me, and I told her it was not my responsibility since I cancelled the installation which should have never been set up in the first place. That since they worked for Dish, Dish Network should respectfully make sure my money was refunded so we wouldn't have to get an attorney involved. She then proceeded to tell me to go ahead because their wouldn't be anything a lawyer could do because they weren't responsible for the charges and hung up on me. I think this is crazy and we have still yet to receive the money back.

I want a complete refund to my wifes account before I get a lawyer involved. I hate to dot his for such a small amount but this should have never been taken out in the first place when it was never authorized but it the moral of the whole thing. Something like this should never be allowed to go on like this in a place of business.

This is not how a respectable business is run.

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with the Executive Offices of DISH Network.

I apologize you were having trouble getting pricing. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers. We have independent retailers that customers can elect to use; sometimes the retailer will charge an activation fee. If you choose to set up an account directly through DISH Network there is not an additional charge based on credit qualifications.

If you need that fee refunded you do have to contact that company directly we can not process a refund the funds were never received by us. To set up an account or to get promotional offers and pricing you can always call us directly or visit our website.


They charged a one time charge to my bank account for $300.00 almost a full week AFTER they recieved their reciever in the mail from us.

Hmmm they told me it was a mistake they would return my money in 24 hours... thats been EVERYDAY for 14 days.

And according to my bank, they are working the system. Technicaly if a company charges your account in error, they have 30 days to return your money to you. So for 30 days they can use your money, lie to you, and collect interest on what they took from you . Must be nice not to have to get a bank loan when you need to do something.

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