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I am pissed off.Dish Network say they wanna make your move easier.....How is charging $106 to transfer service helping????

In addition having to pay for moving and the service also. I feel like this makes things more complicated. Because thats money that is wasted. Who a extra $100 to pay for their service to be moved.

On top of I have already paid this fee when the service was installed. I feel like the first move should be a courtesy and anything after that then charge!!!!

As I told the representative that I spoke with from dish network I was not informed of this when I set up service.She By the way was not very helpfull nor did she try to be she was more less being sarcastic.Which I feel was highly upsetting on top of having to deal with other more important details.I don't recommend Dish Network to anybody....


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How about you move 5 times in one year and get all 5 installs free. The tech is not going to install this for free. There's always a free route, over the air antenna.


Had to move, dish charged me $100.00 even after i asked about adds, was told a lot of BS of why and how they i still had to pay. Very disappointed


I to am moving.I have had dish for a year and I have it set up for my payment to come directly out of my bank account every month.

It never not once has been late. And when I asked about the free moving thing. They told me I didn't qualify. Then I asked about the house warming packages they have for free such as free movie channels for 3 mths but big surprise I didn't qualify for that either.

But when I asked them they could not give me the reason as to why I didn't qualify. After my contract is over I'm dropping this ***.

I do not recomend dish network...:(


Same thing happened to me!!!!!!

i got transfered 4 times and al i got it down to was $50

When it was supposed to be free

even when i made my appointment the guy was a NO SHOW!!!

i dont recommend dish to anyone their servie is horrible


I was informed when I first setup my services with Dish Network that if I move I could have my services transferred "free of charge", bit now that I am actually moving and need my services transferred Dish wants me to pay 100.00!This is very very upsetting.

This is not right and if Dish doesn't get themselves together they are going to lose a customer!I'm not going pay for something that was offered to me free of charge!


same thing happen to me!It's not Free!!!

they want to charge me 100 dollars!

I don't have the money!new house, deposit, payments, electricity and now this???


Oh and comment number 4 dish said, about the advertisement.Dish network look online your ***!!


I have pictures and print outs and your butts getting sued!!!:(


Dish network is the biggest joke ever!!!!They advertise they move for free, NOT!!!

They charged me 150 dollars extra on my bill and today took 350 dollars out of my account.Dish network your about to get sued for false advertisment!!!!


I had a similar experience with Dish Customer service just a few minutes ago.THe cust service agent forwarded me to an "account specialist" who gave me the standard canned response that they could not do anything about the Dishmover charge.

I told him that had i known there would be moving charge, I would have paid the early termination fee to terminate the contract. i was never informed that there would be a moving charge, though I have been a customer for may years and my programming from the old house to the new house was the same. It is a pity that a big corporation keeps its long term customers in the dark and is petty about making $$$ to meet its quarterly numbers for the stock market. Shame on Charlie Ergen and the rest of the Dish Network management team to resort to such measures to earn a few extra bucks.

Charlie, your coffers might get bigger with these petty unnanounced charges, but please krrp in mind that you are earning the illwill of the majority of customers who will never return to Dish Network. THis is the age of a-la-carter programming, and tying customers down with these charges will never work.

I am out of Dish, and will never recommend them with all the new choices available.Ciao.


I had a very bad experience with DISH NETWORK customer representative.I have been with them for 7 years without interruptions.

My last Move was >3years ago.

I called today and got a rude agent who told me it is going to cost $100 and there is nothing he can do.I already have cancellation pending from this saturday.

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