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I have had dish network for the past few years.1st the charges seem to go up every few months, they always blame the government for added fees and taxes.

I called to cancel last year and the gentleman told me it would be $120 to cancel.

I told him I needed to think about it. He offered to lower my programming to at 9.99/mo package, I agreed. A few months later, I decided I would just eat the $120 and disconnect. When I called, the price was now $240 to disconnect!!!

I called in June to use dishmover.

Mind you I pay $10/mo and only have 6 months left on my contract. The rep indicated it would be a $100 fee to re-install. I explained that I will only be paying $60 until my contract is up, that I would leave the service. so, I asked what it would cost to disconnect, he told me $60.

Today I called to disconnect because I now have somebody renting my condo, the fee to disconnect is now $120. Do they just pick a number out of thin air?

But, at least this rep offered to give me dishmover for free if I signed up for another 2 year contract.NO WAY.

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Belvoir,A changing bill is definitely frustrating. I can definitely check this out and provide more information for you.

If a credit is submitted to the account, it will appear on your next months bill which may be causing confusion. Can you please send the account or phone # so I can check this out further with you?

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative



I'm terribly sorry about the frustrating experience.

Unfortunately, due to the increased costs associated with providing service in your state, this surcharge was added to all customer accounts who reside in your area. It allows us to continue providing all of your favorite programming by helping us account for this increased expense.

I would be more than happy to review this cancellation fee and any other charges you're experiencing to provide more information. Since this is account sensitive, can you email me more details, and the account or phone #, to please?

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative


Your not alone.

We can't get a consistent bill from this incompetent company - I have to call to correct our bill each and every month.

And when I asked to have them send me a paper bill (since they keep screwing with my bank account in their lousy direct deposit system), I'm told it will cost me extra because we have HD.

If we had any other company in this town, there's no WAY they'd have us as customers - and once their *** agreement is fulfilled, I'm going back to my DVD player and an aerial. It will be more consistent and trustworthy then these vultures!

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