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Dish Network 'office of the president' stated that dish knows in advance that a particular network will be up for contract negotiations and service may be disrupted. this information is not disclosed to the customer prior to entering in to the contract.

You enter a contract with dish on Monday, they may know your programming will be interrupted on Tuesday, but they don't disclose it, nor do they make the upcoming Programming contract re negotiating dates available anyplace on line.

Your programming may disappear at any time on Dish network and you still have to pay even without ANY service

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Preferred solution: Termination of service without termination fee for failure to provide specific services advertised at the time of entering into the contract with Dish Network.

I liked: Fox programming.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #925417

What people WANT from cable and satellite TV programming, but just can't get,....

1. Let us pick OUR OWN programming....!

I get it, there has to be a minimum number of channels to make the service profitable.

If the magic number is 25 or 57 or 125 or whatever, LET US PICK THEM !!!

Give us a menu where each channel has a number and let YOUR CUSTOMERS pick which 25 or 57 or 125 channels they want.

This will create the customer loyalty that you don't enjoy now. Sure, suggest packages, or specials that you can up sell on. But DONT force people to pay for 150 channels full of junk, and then remove the one or two networks that people prefer to watch and then, don't offer the customer any compensation or credit.

And DONT JUST BLAME FOX ! Do I have to be the one to tell you folks at DISH that when you blame FOX, it's just like blaming BUSH! Nobody wants to hear that when DISH is not providing the service that is EXPECTED by it's customers. Remember, FOX is not just any cable/satellite network.

THEY ARE NUMBER ONE and there is no number two. Have a contact dispute with the minor networks and nobody cares. So it's FOX, it's DISH customers not reading their contracts, it's everything and everybody but DISH NETWORK. Well I don't buy it.

If DISH was a responsible provider, they would prorate their customers bills for the period FOX is not available. DISH continues to charge it's customers to watch a blank screen where FOX used to be. That's not good faith. That's not reliable service, and that's not quality customer service.

What does DISH do with all the revenue they are collecting from DISH customers, while DISH doesn't have to pay for FOX programming since there isn't any? Dish doesn't pay for FOX NETWORK Programming. But DISH charges it's customers for it, even though they won't provide it. So what are they doing with our money?

Nope,... I don't buy it. It's all a lie to one degree or another. But YOU have to keep paying.

Or do you? I have a target date to terminate my DISH service. If you reduce your service to the lowest package possible, your termination fee will be smaller. Reduce your service, early terminate, don't pay, demand a copy of the signed contract, take them to small claims court.

It's cheap and easy and if DISH doesn't send a representative to the trial, you automatically win. If this happens to them 15 or 20 times they will change their contract to reflect more respect for their customers.

They may even re-write the model and let you choose your own channels. Complain, makes the world better.

Portland, Oregon, United States #925414

What's YOUR motivation for counter posting here, against ME, for not getting service that I paid for?

I bet I can guess, are a liberal. A busy body, holier than thou, freedom hating liberal.

Well let me just take this opportunity to help my fellow soon to be EX DISH customers.

Contact Dish, get to the 'office of the president' which is just an elevated customer service agent, and demand that DISH MAIL you a copy of your SIGNED contract.

Get some proof or that request, and if they don't send it to you, use it as evidence in small claims court to get relief for the early termination fee.

Small claims court will work for you if you are dedicated to fighting back and WINNING !

Screw these liberal trolls. You have a right to service, and they have a duty to perform. He local small claims court judge is the most likely sympathetic to your cause. Give him a reason to rule in your favor.

A few hindred spankings like that, and DISH legal bills will cost more than FOX programming. I don't care about the contract between DISH and FOX. I am a co summer who uses DISH to GET FOX. If I can't get FOX, I don't need DISH.

It's that simple. Any counter arguments like DEE3250 make are purely liberal politics or they DEE3250 is an employee or agent of DISH network.

I'm going to tell FOX about all this. Maybe they will do a story that I won't be able to watch on DISH

Denver, Colorado, United States #925001

You are correct, DISH is fully aware of contracts and their end date. Any company will tell you this.

Why wouldn't they be, anyway? It's their company. They SHOULD be aware.

Why isn't this told to you?

Because there is no reason to tell you. It's proprietary information and usually a confidential agreement between DISH and the channel owners. However, most contract negotiations and renews go without a hitch without any type of service interruption. You don't complain then, no?

You are also correct about channels potentially being removed at any time. DISH doesn't own the channels they provide. Would you start a business without having some protection on your side? This is why DISH includes this type of change in their agreement.

Saying anything against this is like saying you opened a business, sold a TV brand that went out of business, but you guaranteed your customers you'd carry it. You'd potentially lose hundreds, thousands, or in DISH's case, maybe millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Would you want to own that business? Neither would DISH.

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