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I disconnected dish network early January, and returned their equipment shortly thereafter, and was told I had over $27 credit on my account. After their $15 charge on the equipment returns, they still owe me $12.

Three months have passed, Dish Network still has not refunded my money. Then I called their support, they claimed the customer has to initiate the request to the get the refund. Then I realized that last time we disconnected with them, they did not refund the balance either. It seems to be their way of practice.

I wonder how many people have become victims of Dish Network. Anybody else has encountered the same with dish network?

If we have enough victims, we might want to file a class action against them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Mcminnville, Oregon, United States #1234963

I have been trying to get my $148 refunded back. They say its processing every time I call in. I get a run around


I am fighting to get 277 dollars back right now. But I am going to contact corporate on monday. I will got my money come *** or high water.


They did the same thing to me! Said I had to initiate the refund.

NOBODY told me this.

They figure people will not remember. Contact the BBB


dish net will do all it can to keep your money my final bill stated that i have 58.79 in over payment. I talked to three differnt customer service people and got thre diff answers. One even said she would put the refund back in my dish account which was already closed ...this company is a big time RIP OFF


They told me I had to pay a month in advance TO CANCEL!!! So after arguing with them over the phone, they said I could pay the current month, then cancel; while I wait for my refund to come to me.

It's been about 3 months, since back in April, NO REFUND YET.

It's only $11-13 but still, the principle. Corrupt alright.


I signed up for Dish Network in May. They came out to install the dish and I was told I could not get service due to line of sight issues.

Ok.. no big deal. That was a Saturday. I called Monday morning to cancel and get a refund.

I was told they would refund everything and I should see that on my account within a few days. A few days later I did receive a refund but it was $49.99 short of the original charge! I called them back and this is where the fun started. First they told me that it wasn't their charge and they didn't owe me that money.

They said it was for a local contractor to install the dish. Even though on my bank records it shows a one time charge for the full amount going to dish network. I told them my bank was standing by ready to fax them proof that they indeed did charge me. They refused to let me speak to a supervisor.

They refused to give me a fax number. To date I have called them 11 times... 11! I still do not have my $49.99 refunded to me.

I have been told twice that the refund was processed and I should see it in a few business days. I have been told their systems are down and can I call back later. I have been given every excuse in the book and then some. This has been going on for over 2 months now!

Today I finally was transferred to the "Executive Resolutions Dept" ooooo I'm impressed... NOT. Once again I was told to wait 2 days for my refund to appear on my bank account. This was the final straw.

The clock is ticking...

exactly 48hrs from now I will be signing the dispute of charge papers at my bank and they will be going after Dish Network them selves.

I honestly don't know how ANYONE can do business like this....


I disconnected my service in April and was told I was entitled to a refund. I received no refund.

I called in June was told their supervisor would call me back to process my refund. I called today and talked to employee C1A and supervisor 0W2 and was told they would not automatically give my money back. It was alright because it would be credited to the account. I have a $85 credit of which they will be refunding me $24.

I this what they call a scam.

It would be like me telling them I paid my bill. I credited it to my checking account.

The money is their you just don't have it.


I just disconnected because of their terrible customer service. Thanks for posting this. I've seen others post on here with the same complaint.


Dish Network should refund whatever the balance on an account the moment the equipment is returned. Dish Network should NOT wait for the customer to request for a refund.

In my previous disconnection of dish network, since I forgot to call for the refund, Dish Network had kept my money for years.

This time, I remembered, so I called to check where is my refund. The rep on the phone kept asking for secret identification code before issuing the refund, even though she already has my phone number and can see my account. I refused. It's Dish Network's responsibility to refund the balance back to the customer once the customer has fulfilled his end of the obligations. In my case, I have sent the equipment back, and got an email from dish network that the received reached their facility, and that should be the end of my obligations. If I do not get my money back for this time and for previous time, I will consider legal actions against dish network.


Hello Meadowtx, my name is Becki Barned, with DISH Network. I would be happy to look into these refunds for you. Can you please e-mail me at Thanks!

Becki Barned

DISH Network Customer Service

to BeckiB@DISH Largo, Florida, United States #940058

Hello Miss Becki Barned from Dish Network,

It's very likely you are no longer an employee of Dish Network a couple years later now. Considering Dish's unethical and illegal business practices of keeping customers' money owed, you no longer wished to associate yourself with such a corrupt and despicable company.

One can only hope you have a conscience. Dish network owners and the workers they train to keep customers' money should all be ashamed to call themselves Americans. Dish Network and their trained representatives know they set out to keep the money of their customers (with lies and the run-around so easily provided by their trained representatives who give a different answer or excuse as to why the rightfully owed money is still is not refunded) when customers are legally owed a refund.

Dish Network's illegal and unethical business practices will catch up with them sooner of always happens.

From another one of the thousands of very unhappy & disgusted former customers who is going to receive my refund back because now my bank is fighting Dish to get it and hopes others will be sufficiently scared to do future business with such a horrible company as Dish Network!

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