For all you considering buying or using Dish Network for your own piece of mind, don't! They are confusing hard to work and deal with and act like they are doing you favor.

Worst experience I've ever had with any company. If you use them I guarantee you'll be back here writing a complaint just like me! I spent over 3 hours on three different occasions trying to resolve a billing problem, (my money was posted to a wrong account number) and when that was resolved I spent another hour on the phone with a tech support person who couldn't resolve my problem. She passed me to a supervisor who was short, rude and curt.

Just the way to treat a customer who was right. Obviously they couldn't accept the fact that they were wrong. In ending I have to wait 24 hours for their system to catch up.

Pretty high tech..huh!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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Xilin Hot, Nei Mongol, China #25438

I want the VOOM HD channels back or we are leaving Dish Network!! :sigh

El Paso, Arkansas, United States #22794

My Dish bill started out at $29.95 a month, after 18 months, it went up to $53.00. I told them to come and get their ***.

Now they keep calling and want me to sign up.

Getting on the no call list does not help

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