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I ordered a remote over the phone got off of phone they sent me an email saying my receiver was on its way I called them back and said I just ordered a remote on the phone and got an email saying y'all were sending me a rec she looked my order up and say no we r only sending u a remote I said ok just wanted to b sure well a few days went by and wellll they sent a receiver and charged me $327 for it well they added it to my bill which I didn't know until I called to pay my bill which was now $457 they told me I would have to pay it all and when they got the rec back they would refund me the $327 whatttt? Told them I hadn't planned for their mistake and could only pay my bill that I owed for my service well they said pay it all or we turn ur service off.

So my service has Bennett turned off for 4 day now waiting on them to get their rec back. I just wished people would do their job correctly

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DanB@Dish Network

Hello, this is Dan Busa with DISH Social Media. I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you. From the sounds of it this was our mistake and the issue should have been addressed better. If the issue was not resolved to your satisfaction please e-mail me at: Daniel.Busa@DISH.com I will be happy to follow up with the agents who handled your issue.

Daniel Busa


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