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I have been with Dish for 5 years and I've had to fight with them every time I've called(which was constantly, every month my bill was a different amount and trying to explain to those "robot people" that my bill is X amount and I prepaid for any ppv movies I watch was like trying to teach Chinese to a monkey). The last straw was the rudest person I've ever spoken to telling me that I have had to many credits and will get no more and if I couldnt afford tv then its not a necessitie.

I thought really I've had to call every time because of bogus charges. I told her she was the rudest person I've ever seen she proceeded to say I cannot see her she's on a phone and hung up on me. My next call was to Direct TV :) I guess loyal customers mean nothing to dish but its ok my whole family is switching to Direct :) Bye Felicia

P.S. I got channels on Direct cheapest package that I had to buy the next to most expensive package to get like bravo and oxygen for example.

So ill be saving even after promotional price is done.

The dish commercial claiming direct hides their everyday pricing should be pointing 2 fingers back at Dish. My bill went from $47.06 to $87.96 in no time flat just to get bravo n oxygen for my wife now im getting them for $38 then $51 per month after promotion expires.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I think you have to be rude to work there, or they may give you a nice bonus if you are the rudest person there. Thankfully I encountered the rude agent before I ordered and changed my mind, would not give me any info and lied to me about what programming was included.

I am more than happy with my current setup with Frontier which gives me the programming I watch in there 2nd most basic package where dish would make me buy there most expensive package.

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