Calcutta, West Bengal

Dish network has billed us for a Wrestling match and a couple of movies which we never, ever saw. I hate wrestling by the way. Dish network - after hours on the phone - is refusing to budge - saying we are mistaken. I am saying you are mistaken, we have not watched. There best offer is - we will charge you 50%. We refuse to pay.

I also have a problem of why it took so long for the charges to appear on my account. The first movie I have been wrongly billed for was in April 25th and am seeing it in June bill even though a bill was generated on May 4th. If I was promptly charged , I would have realized the issue and called earlier rather than wait till I got billed for a wrestling match or whatever that was on May 18th and some other movie charges that have not yet appeared in my online account either.

I am going to BBB as well as sending a complaint to the Attorney General. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM DISH NETWORK

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Knew a tech who was sent out on a few cals for this:

1) you are away and a friend/neighbor/relative who knows you are going away comes in and orders. Lock system, they can't do it.

2)wife/husband/kids ordering it

3)pet playing with remote (friend old me once about a house that was infested with roaches, a lot of them, that had moved into the box and were causing all sorts of issues)


buddy i can relate to your sitaution because dish network just gave me a $488.03 bill there is no way in *** i am payin that


Did you ask how it was ordered? If it was ordered through the remote control, it could be user error, in possibly accidentally ordering the event.

Set up your parental controls to block out ppv options without a password. If it was through the phone, internet, or an Agent, ask to lower you ppv to a $0 balance so it would need to be paid for upfront. This is what I did for mine and I have not had a single problem over the past year.

Would you expect a car company to reimburse repairs on a car because you accidentally put Diesel fuel in it, compared to regular unleaded? similar rules apply, careful what you, or anyone around your equipment is doing.


You may not of watched wrestling however you must of ordered it. It does not matter if you watch it or not. When you order it you have to pay for it.

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