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We've been using Dish Network PPV for 4 yrs with our DVR & have been happy, but they are now using a "limited recording" policy that states you have to watch the PPV movie/event within a week from order or 24 hrs. from when you start it.

It disappears off your DVR after that. This is outrageous, we pay for our DVR service AND our PPV movies so we should be able to keep them on the DVR for a year if we want to! I will not be ordering PPV from Dish Network as long as this continues (we were ordering 5 or 6 movies a month sometimes). Another example of corporate greed and they're oblivious that we'll exercise our other options (movie theater, DVDs, etc.) rather than cave to their selfish policies.

If they cared about their consumers this wouldn't happen.

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yes, this will just cause more people to download movies illegallu because the movie industry is too freaking greedy.


Can someone reveal this big secret for me? how much Dish charges for Pay per view movies?

and how much they are charging for Dish on Demand movies? I cannot find their rate anywhere on their site.


I agree 100%!! I have 2 accounts and have been with dish network for over 10 years.

They used to allow me some perks like 6 months at half off on premium movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, starz.....but now my bill is OUTRAGEOUS and when I call about getting it reduced in any way they tell me that the advertised pricing is for new customers only. I am at a point where I'm going to start surfing other options and when the new customer pricing is done, switching to another provider.

If we did this I would save approximately $1,200.00 annually. I cannot believe how bad dish network has started treating their loyal customers!!'


You are an ***, it's called PAY PER VIEW, not pay to view as many times as u want. Common sense is definitely not common, but I digress

to Anonymous #983552

Have you, Anonymous, not noticed this post is nearly 7 years old?

Do you think I have perhaps resolved this situation & have moved on since 2008?

YOU are the a$$ for feeling the need to comment on this -- do you just go around the internet looking for old posts to inflict your moronic, intolerant, "hit & run" comments on?

Everyone who pays for services like Dish Network is entitled to use those services the way they want to within the framework of the service company. It is also a right to raise complaints or questions if you feel something is unfair.

You may be right about one thing --- common sense is definitely not common ...

but then I choose to have common sense withOUT being "common." Move on, Anonymous. Your comment was common in the worst sense of the word, but I digress...............

Tikrit, Salah Al-Din, Iraq #973804

This is one of the many reason they CANNOT stop piracy, it's all about Greed and Consumer Abuse.


Yeah that's ridicilous I should be able to keep a movie if I pay $15 for it.... ***


I called dish 1-800-333-3474 at 7:30pm central to rent the Pacquiao/ Marquez fight and all lines were busy- no recording! Went down the street to the neighbor's, who has Direct TV and rented the fight within 2 minutes. I'm dropping Dish first thing Monday morning!



I understand your frustration. Keep in mind that a pay-per-view movie is a rented movie that you have purchased and is a limited time viewing such as anything that is rented. Each pay-per-view(PPV) will have it's own retrictions that are set up by the network and we have a legal obligation to adbid by. The PPV will advise you of the restrictions prior to placing the order. If you have any other questions please let me know.


I want to apologize about the experience you had. We have measures in place so that it is difficult to order PPV/VOD by mistake. If needed, we have additional measures to restrict any and all PPV/VOD orders. If you would like additional information, please feel free to email me at alicia.brink@dishnetwork.com.

Alicia Brink

DISH Network



There is a possible solution to many of these problems, that is contacting the Attorney Generals Office within your state-with enough complaints a company will be investigated. This can lead to regulation so they can't take advantage of their customers.

That is what I plan to do in regards to pay-per-view. I have gotten billed for movies never ordered.

I was told that could not happen, I've been told it can if you are within a 100 yard radius of a neighbor and have no lock on your tv.

Well, it's happened again and I emailed them to please correct. I provided many ways to contact me on 6-25 and on 7-7-10 I've still heard nothing-imagine.

to Lyndee Eugene, Oregon, United States #935998

In the past we also were charged for movies we NEVER rented and were told yes we did. But we didn't.


If it's true that it's against copyright to store movies, why is it they only have "limited recording" on SOME movies and not all? It looks like I can only get "Frost Nixon" on "limited recording," but I can keep "Saw V" on the DVR as long as I want (which would be NOT AT ALL. I think it has more to do with what are good and/or popular movies having limited access so they can squeeze as much cash out of us as they can (forget the fact we're already paying almost $75 a month for Dish Network which won't even broadcast ABC networks in my area due to their "feud" with Fisher broadcasting...and THAT'S without any premium channels!).


Copyrighted movies cannot be stored like that for a long time. It woudl be a violatoin of copyright protection laws. Not necessarily dish networks fault.


This has nothing to do with Dish Network. Blame the movie studios.

Believe me, Dish would love for you to keep the movies on your hard drive forever, that would help keep you around as a customer. This has everything to do with the movie studios and DRM.

Janesville, California, United States #41140


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