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Without warning, Dish Network stopped broadcasting Fox Sports Detroit HD with my package. This was after years of having the channel available. Upon inquiry and 10 minutes of the customer service person trying to figure out what happened he indicates that the channel was moved to a Sports package.

I asked to have the channel made available again because as they know well it is what I watch 80% of the time because it is where the Red Wings are broadcast. He response was that for ~$7 a month more per month I could get it back along with many additional sports channels. I told him I do not care about more sports channels and if I did I would have purchased a package that included them.

I asked the person if I understood correctly that Dish contracted with me to provide a service and now took away a portion of the agreed service and to get it back I needed to pay more that the original contract amount. He said Dish moved the channel to a package...

Pretty close to the definition of extortion to me... Of course Dish has a contract clause that allows them to do pretty much do anything they want to their programming regardless of what was originally contracted.

How is it these companies get so big and powerful that they can get away with almost anything right in front of the so called regulators that are there to protect consumers? Does anyone think they would sign a contract that said "…if the customer does not perceive realized value with the programming for any reason they are not obligated to the full contract price"? Seems fair and similar in light of what they are doing...

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Package.

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Dish Network dropped all of my RSN's last year. They are not available even on the sports package.

I am stuck in a contract with them until June 5th, then I'm going to Verizon.

On top of it, they had the audacity to then raise the price of there packages this year. Lousy provider.


Just pay the $7 a month you cheap b@stard.

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