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You have an option. you can ask to speak to someone who speaks English.

I do not know what happened to Dish Network but 5-6 years ago I used to cry whenever I would call them. That is how badly they upset me. they once turned off my Dish because they told me they got from me, a bad check??? I never paid them a check.

I paid them via a credit card and the charge went through so they turned off my Dish and they had their money. I called them and they gave me this weird check number that we never had and an account I never had and I got so frustrated I hung up and turned off the tv. Well they never called me back and I found out 2 weeks later that my Dish was back on?? Never did call and ask anything.

Used to be afraid to call them for anything so they screwed me out of 8 months payments I never owed and I paid it. That was what it was worth not to have to call them. Six months of money I did not owe!!! After my husband came back to the country he called them and that was the only time it was finally straightened out.

He speaks 6 languages and believe it only took one of his six to clean up their mess. That was 6 or so years ago. Now as of 3 years ago it is a new and revamped Dish network. The customer service are nice and accommodating, they try to work with you and be competitive and mindful of your issues.

There is also a new service called AT&T u-verse which by far is exceedingly better than Dish and has much more to offer. Soon Dish Network will be a thing of the past. I will be happy when they do. Dish Network has made a ton of money cheating good hard working people out of their money.

They used to refuse to work with you. Now they do. They used to refuse your requests. Now they listen and accommodate.

They used to all be another language. Now they are English speaking. I want the jobs for the USA to stay in the USA. I do not want to talk to someone in India or another country about my bill when they know absolutely nothing about what cable is.

In not too many years unless Dish starts working and lowering their prices more Dish will be a thing of the past. Right now I can get AT&T u-verse in about 4 months so unless Dish comes down lower than what they already have they will be history. Right now we are senors on a limited budget and our Dish costs us almost $90 a month. It will be totally impossible for us to pay to keep this for too long.

Dish has no senior discount??? Dish knows that seniors stay home a lot watching tv so they are gouging seniors. This last time the Dish customer service was extremely kind and tried to be accommodating but their price is much too expensive for us to keep for too long at that price. For a senior that could be grocery money for two weeks.

Dish is not accommodating to seniors. Dish Network has come a long way toward satisfaction within the past 3 years but Dish still has a long way to.

Seems to me if I were their PR person it would make more sense to drop their prices and pick up more customers than to gouge the customers you already have for more money and have them quit you without returning!!!!!! Dropping prices and picking up more business seems to make sense to me for any business!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Customer service.

I didn't like: Dish network pricing and plans, Pricing stinks.

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Ha, try using time warner. They kept charging my credit card like $250 every couple of weeks.

Every time I called it was "fix" or so I was told. I ended up having a credit of over $600 had only basic service turned on as I was not even using the dang service for months as I was sick. Every time I called they told me "oh yeah I see you keep getting charged but it is fixed now." NOPE NEVER GOT FIXED. That is fraud TIME WARNER.

You stole money from me and kept lying to cover up for your craptacular employees. You know when I asked for a refund they said I would have to write a letter and explain why I did not owe them the money???? WHAT???? ummmmmm, you made fraudulent unauthorized charges on my credit card over and over and over.

Your customer service people lied to me over and over and over. Who do you bullies that you are telling me to write a letter for your unauthorized theft. Cause if you won't pay it back...it is theft! You held me hostage with your company rather than allowing me to get out I had to use up my "credit" BS!

I was so sick at the time no income and you caused me a whole world of stress and unnecessary interest charges not to mention hours and hours and hours over 3 months + to get this fixed. SHAME ON YOU!

Littleton, Colorado, United States #938951


I found your post interesting and would like to discuss this with you if you could please email me your account number and four-digit PIN at michael.lemar@dish.com!

Mesa, Arizona, United States #931483

Dish does not offer senior discounts, as they are already the lowest cost provider on every day prices.

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