Last week, the Palladia and The Velocity Channel up and disappears from my programing. No warning or anything.

They tell me that the channels have been moved to a new "package" which I'm sure is more expensive than the one I have now. This is only after last month having them come to my place three different times to fix the pixellated HD programing that I was experiencing.

Then the Tech if you want to call him that, ran new coax and had to drill through the wall and screwed that up. Watch out Dish, I starting to think about Direct TV after being a loyal Dish customer for 10+ years.

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I just tried to watch the new rural Tv network on 232 was informed it was not in my program package. I calld the number on screen and was told it was not in my dish 200 package, had to add 5.95 to bill to be able to receive this channel.

Just another way to increase their revenue.

I am dissapointed in RVD TV for being a part of this scam. :(


Call corporate !! We did.

They get things done usually.

Resolved problems for me in the past. I will call on this too!!


Yeah… we just lost AMC out of our package and lost our fav show. It does not mean somebody is a cheap b@stard.

When are are supposed to get something you were told you are supposed to get, they should give it to you.

It's a sneaky way to get people to upgrade!! :(


Seems like So sad works for Dish Network, just read another post and he's commenting in defense of Dish. Get a real life you mo fo.


Quit being a cheap b@stard and just buy the package.

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