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Filed on : November 22 2011

Filed by :Timothy Higgins

Filed against :DISH Network, LLC

Complaint Description:The sales person blatantly lied and misrepresented the product & services to gain my business. Then I was illegally charged for nothing. I called Dish Network on Sat 11/19/2011. I called to inquire about service. After running my credit report Veronica told me that I was qualified to receive Dish Network. She told me that I would receive free HDTV for life. She told me that I would get the blockbuster movie pass and be able to stream movies directly through my Dish network DVR. She also told me that my bill would be just $35 per month. I had to pay an activation fee of $143.00 Before i agreed to anything I found out that the $35 was just a promotion. i also found out that I had to agree to a 2 year agreement! she never told me this. i also found out from another Dish employee that I would not get HDTV at all! and that I would not be able to stream anything from my box from blockbuster online! She completely misrepresented the product and charged me $143 for absolutely nothing. I had to call Dish Network 5 times and waited on hold for over 45 min to ask for a refund. When I was signing up there was no wait at all. This girl lied to me over and over. She also spoke to my Mother, she completely lied to me about things my Mother told her. I Manage a Large Retail/Service company which depends on sales. Neither myself or my staff would NEVER EVER use practices like this to make a sale. I called back tonight 11/22 to check on my refund. The nice lady I spoke to (after a 20min wait) told me that no one had ever put through my refund! I have been treated poorly buy companies and their employees before but this takes the cake. I was lied to, robbed & more. When I asked for the refund for something I never purchased I had to speak to multiple representatives and then wait 3 hours for a call back from a manager who never called. I had to call and practically beg to speak to one! Which obviously did no good because I still have not been refunded the $ they stole from me. My advice to everyone is to avoid this company. They misrepresent their product, have sneaky commission based employees who would rob your grandmother.

Your Desired Resolution:Dish Network owes me $143.00 They have also taken over 4 hours of my life from me. My salary pays me $22/HR. I am requesting my $143 that was stolen and $88.00 for my time. We can forget about the frustration and stress this has caused if my refund is completed within 48hrs. I have never been raped by a company like this before. I feel violated and ***. I hope this company will apologize and remove their evil practices and disgraceful employees. Times are tough but stealing from potential customers will only hurt your business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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