Dish raise my rate $5.00 a month and said we cannot notify every customer ahead of time. They also are giving free movie programing for a year, but if you do not want the "free programing" you can get a $5.00 credit on you bill?

Just notify me and tell me its for this programing. They cannot even put a notification in the bill telling me that the rate is going up because "the computer does the billing". I wish the CSR would take ownership of the actions that the company takes.

If I am such a loyal customer be honest with me. Total slimy

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To all you Dish network customers.Dish network is a hugh ripoff.They lead their customer's to believe that they are so much cheaper than any of the other network companies.Then look what they do.They underhanderly raise their price's without the common effort to notify their customer's.Then they lie on the USPS and Try to make everyone believe that the USPS lost everyone's notice of the increase in their package's.At lease DIRECTV is up front with their package increase's.So now tell me who?Is the better company as far as honesty.This is why i would never leave DIRECTV for DISH NETWORK.Dish NETWORK SUCK'S.BIG TIME.

Sacramento, California, United States #596911

They've done it again. Raised the prices without notifying customers and forcing them to pay extortion until their 24 month contract expires.

Last time they did this it resulted in a class action settlement.

How do they expect to get away with it again? Any trial lawyers out there listening?


It says "Price guarantee until (fill in the date)". That does NOT say $15 off of the current rate.

That says GUARANTEE. Period. We were given this GUARANTEE but our rates increased anyways. Dish's response?

Tough cookies.

We were lied to and this is what we get. No thanks Dish.


You can leave them, They suck,

I understand your concern with our programming and monthly cost. Netflix is good for movies and some TV shows, however DISH would still be a great alternative for your basic TV needs such as; sports, cartoons, TV series, specials, music, and more. The programming we provide is owned by other companies, and our prices are based on what we must pay those companies. Though costs can change when contracts are renegotiated, we work hard to keep them as low as possible.

We continue to offer the lowest everyday price in the pay-TV industry, saving our customers money every month as compared to our competitors!

What sets us apart is that we are also taking two unprecedented actions by giving customers 1) a price freeze on all DISH America and America's Top packages (excluding AEP) until 2013 and 2) 12 months of premium programming at no charge! None of our competitors can say anything like that!

If you need any further assistance please feel free to email me.



We quit the overpriced, ad-ridden *** on satellite TV over two years ago.

Netflix is super cheap, we watch what we choose to watch and no ads!



I understand the confusion regarding price changes. We do actually provide this information to our customers very similar as DirecTV does. We bill in advance so when a customer receives their bill they have several weeks to make changes that will apply before the price changes take effect. When a customer makes changes there account will be credited/charged for the changes starting from that date. We send customers bills and notices via; mail, email, and bills. I understand you are happy with your current provider however we are proud to remain the lowest all digital pay TV provider. It is great to get the same service, programming, get great customers service at a lower price. If you or anyone else has any questions regarding this or anything else feel free to email me.



I read every thing before I put my name on that line.. Yes no matter who you get pay tv from there must be a 30 day note to let us all know about a rate of 2.00 bucks or more..

I get my my info on all the news about the folks I get pay tv from through email, letters in the mail, and on the info chann. they offer.. this way i don't miss a beat of a rate hike.

The person that told you dish network is unable to tell people of a rate is bull ***.. I'm glad to have my pay-tv with direct tv


Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I am with DISH Network. I understand your frustrations. As 02/01, the price of all American and Latin basic package prices were increased by $5.00.

When you signed up you were not locked into a price, you were given a promotion for a certain amount of months for example $15.00 off for 12 months. If the price increases you would still receive the $15.00 off but it will be off the new amount.

The programming we provide is owned by other companies, and our prices are based on what we must pay those companies. Though costs can change when contracts are renegotiated, we work hard to keep them as low as possible.

As far as the "DirecTV" rep on here. I understand they are trying to take make a sale but keep in mind they go through prices increases every year as well and you must pay them even if you are in a contract with them. They will require you sign a two year agreement with them. The difference between them and us is 2 things; one we continue to offer the lowest everyday price in the pay-TV industry, saving our customers money every month as compared to our competitors, and two, we are doing a price freeze on all DISH America and America's Top packages (excluding AEP) until 2013. The 12 months of premium programming at "no charge" for our 30th anniversary was a gift and not to be confused with our programming price increase. None of our competitors can say anything like that!

If you need any further assistance or have any additional questions or concerns that were not answered please feel free to email me.

Alicia Brink

Executive Offices Of DISH Network



I called Dish network.. Told the guy no sales pitch I just questions about packages and the ind.

ch. package 5 more ch for 7.00.. first guy had no clue.. he got a manager on the phone..

manager told what the chan. where.. he asked if i want to get set up told him not right now..

need to do more home work on this.. guy was vary, vary pushy thumbs down with dish for they treat the the the person on the other end of the phone..


JBrownDirecTV. I work for Dish in the call center out of somewherecity, somewherestate. We have one call center in the phillipenes, it's mainly for overflow. I don't like Dish Network, I'm not defending them only telling the truth. And the truth is Direct TV is a bunch of lieing, slandering ***.

"What dish isn't?"

We lie, like every other company. But we aren't facing a class action lawsuit for it, like you guys are.


Ditto...I now dislike Dish Network as much as Comcast, maybe TV is not worth the hassle and price. I've been a Dish customer for only 3 mos and I wish I had Never..repeat Never..signed up.

They require the customer to sign a two year contract, but they have no sense of obligation to keep up their side of the bargain. My advertised 12 mos rate lasted for all of 2 billing cycles. This should not be legal. It is another form of bait and switch.

ALSO, the RECEPTION is so poor....We recently tried to watch the Grammy's and TRIED is the operative word. There were glitches through out the show. You couldn't enjoy any of the musical performances because of this.

And because we are on a 2 yr contract we are STUCK with it. Would some lawyer like to take on a class action suit?


Well I argued with the guy for like 30 minutes... I was figuring he would finally relent and give me a free PPV or a credit for one month or something.

He just kept saying he was sorry and copying/pasting from his script. He even claimed it might be on this month's bill until I pointed out it wasn't. Then he claimed it was sent in postal mail, and in a press release. I told him nobody sends me press releases much.

He had no explanation on why they don't put it on the bill. Finally he said he would let the appropriate departments know. Yeah right...but by that time I had somewhere I had to be so I just ended it.

I haven't had much trouble in the past...they have always been helpful. I guess when it comes to the rate increase though they are trained to fight the customer


@Michael...yes according to Dish Network the postman probably did steal your mail..yeah right. or they are just lying and their customer service is based out of India, someone working for 2 or 3 bucks an hour and cares less about your concerns.

True story.

I talk to Dish customers everyday. Same story.


Thats a bunch of bull. There was absolutely no email and nothing printed on the bill.

I pointed it out to the customer service agent and they didn't care. And he claimed Dish mailed 3 million letters out...well I guess my postman must have stole mine


As we all know Dish prices just went up another 5-10 bucks that is why you are getting Starz OR Encore free for 12 months, not so much because of the "30th aniversary"

This is what you can do. Its SIMPLE, SWITCH & SAVE.

I'am an autorized retailer of DirecTV.. (Directv.com, scroll down until you see "find a retailer" type in zipcode 75042 and my company is called "Satcom Satellites" and we are located in Garland, Tx.

You will get the new current customer promotion including pricing. Yes that does include FREE HD FOR LIFE.

On average we are able to save customers between 15-45 dollars a month.

Look into it and give me a call.

Jordan Brown (Authorized Retailer/Rep of DirecTV) 214.901.3086 (cell)


The same thing happened to me. I have been a Dish customer since Oct.

2010 with an advertised, promised rate of $49.99 for a year. My bill was just raised by $5.00. I called and complained and reluctantly they lowered my bill to the original price but at the expense of the "free" gift of Starz channels. I don't care how "free" they call their gifts--the fact is that they don't honor their promotions and find new ways to charge you extra.

Typical bait and switch and false advertising! With rip-off tactics like these no wonder these companies are losing customers.


if the rate increase and the starz promotion are unrelated then why are we forced to choose between the two?


Arguing the principles of contract law with Dish employees is like trying to chop down a tree with a dead fish. I would suggest canceling your Dish network subscription now while you're ahead.

If you have half an hour (and you don't have high blood pressure) you could have your bill stay the same for 1 year by doing the following. 1) Get upset, 2) tell them you don't want the "free programming" (the Starz channels) which isn't free at all, 3) ask for the $5 credit for 12 months. In 12 months you'll have to battle it out again. Oh, but they won't apply the credit until NEXT month..... What a bunch of BS. How can these crooks be serious. If you get the account supervisor's ID and ask to speak to their manager, they will take the $5 off THIS month's bill as a courtesy....... right.... and this isn't illegal because....??? The truth is, Dish will successfully make a ton of money on this, because millions of people won't go through the hassel of dealing with a $5 monthly price increase. They are counting on that fact. But calling something "free", or a "discount", or a "credit", or "courtesy" doesn't change what is actually happening. Dish designed this whole ploy to make money, developed a script for their *** customer care reps to read and provided a process whereby people can get their bill back to normal (for at least 12 months) if they are willing to go through the headache. The bottom line is, it is a hassel, it is dishonest, and it is a scam.

And in case you were curious, the Dish Network contract is an "adhesion contract" or one that is proposterously unbalanced in favor of the party with the greater bargaining power. In addition, the Dish Network contract term which specifically states that rates can go up at any time suffers from ambiguity. The purpose of a contract is for two parties both to commit to something. Being able to change the price of service at any time injects ambiguity in the contract which is interpreted against the drafter in court.


I got the dish last month for $39.99 for two year contract, second month it is increased by $5 which I have to pay another 23 months??

How could Dish justify this type of practice? if there is an rate increase in near future they have to inform us before signing the contract.

Very interesting contract terms!! one party can do anything like increasing the charge by any amount any time but other party cannot breach contract with out fine. Very nice trap for the customers. I really don't understand the meaning of a CONTRACT. Does anybody know this type of contract is legal? If they can hike the rate anytime why should we go for a two year contract, can stay on month to month basis by paying few more dollars for installation.


DISH sent out notification of price increases 30 days prior to the changes. These would've been inserted in billing statements and through email communication. I do apologize if you didn't receive any notification. The free programming offer is unrelated to the price increase. The free offer is for DISH's 30th anniversary. If you choose to you can turn in the free 12 month offer for a $5 credit for 12 months. If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at nick.franta@dishnetwork.com

Nick Franta

DISH Network Customer Service

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