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Dear Mr. Ergen,

Some background, I am a current Dish Customer. I signed up for Dish in Okeechobee Florida in September 2014. At that time I explained in detail to the Retail Dish person that I was a Full Time RVer and that I would only be In Okeechobee for 3 or 4 months and then I was moving my RV to California. They stated no problem, when you leave Okeechobee, just leave the Dish satellite dish on the pole that we install and when you get to California just call Dish and they will come out and install a new Dish. When I got to Julian California I called Dish and they came out and installed a new dish, at that time I asked the Dish installer about the Tailgater RV program. He told me when I got ready to leave Julian, just call and request a 211 receiver and a Tailgater dish from Dish and they will have you return your current receiver and it will just increase your monthly Dish bill. In October 2015 before I left Julian California I called Dish and explained that my new RV location included TWC cable and I would not need Dish TV, they said no problem we can put you on the Pause Program for up to 9 months, I said great go ahead and put me on the Pause Program.Now current date; on April 30th 2016 we are going to be taking a 6 month road trip in our RV and we will be needing the Tailgater program, which brings us up to yesterday March 14, 2016:

Yesterday March 14, 2016 I called your Customer Service to inquire about the Tailgater Dish and the 211 Receiver for my RV.I was connected to George in your Manila Call Center. I explained to George that I was a Dish customer and I was interested in returning my current receiver and replacing it with the 211 receiver and the Tailgater Dish. He told me that it would cost $79 per month and include 120 channel programming, the 211 receiver and the Tailgater Dish. (Please note that the phone conversation took 47 minutes)I asked George at least different times to confirm that the $79 per month included the 120 channel programming, the 211 receiver and the Tailgater Dish, each time George confirmed that in fact it did include all three items. Therefore just before I told George to go ahead and ship the equipment to me, I confirmed one more time exactly what the $79 per month included and again George confirmed that it included the programming, the 211 receiver and the Tailgater Dish. I told George to go ahead and ship the equipment to me, then George stated that I needed to call the RV team at 800-970-7959. I then asked to speak to his Supervisor. Sharon came on the phone and confirmed that I needed to call the RV team.I called the RV team and they stated that they only sell the equipment, I told them I was not interested and hung up.I called Dish Customer Service back and requested to speak with a Supervisor. I spoke with Chelsa ID L6R, I explained to her what I had been told by George, she said there nothing she could do and she connected me with Ashley ID DG2. I again explained to Ashley what George told me. Ashley stated that George was incorrect and that the only way to get the Tailgater dish was to purchase it outright. I told Ashley that I was told by George no less than four times that the $79 per month would include the 211 receiver, the Tailgater dish and the 120 channel programming. Ashley said she was sorry. Also Ashley stated that George had put in the order to ship me the 211 receiver which I DID NOT order separately from George. I told Ashley that Dish needed to make this RIGHT some way some how, she put me on hold and came back on the phone and told me that Dish would reduce my monthly bill by $10 per month to $55.71 per month, for me giving the wrong information.

I told Ashley $10 per month reduction was not enough to correct what I had been told and what I had confirmed no less than four times with George in the Manila Customer Service Office.

Last night March 14, 2016 I went ahead and ordered a Tailgater dish from Amazon for $298 because I want Dish TV for my RV while we are on our Road Trip this summer (It’s our 50th wedding anniversary and my Wife watches CNN which is only available via satellite or cable).

I believe you have the ability to correct a situation that went wrong by your Manila Customer Service Call Center. It’s very apparent to me that George does not have enough training in his current position and was wrong in stating to me that the $79 per month included the 120 channel programming, the 211 receiver and the Tailgater dish.

I believe that I should receive the 120 channel programming for the next six months at no charge and then pay the standard rate for RV programming for the remainder of my contract commitment.

Sincerely,David John Vallee30144 East State Road 78Okeechobee, FL 34974813-433-8819

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Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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