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Dish Network has caused me damages and I am not their customer, never been a customer and never inquired about their service.

I would never do business with Dish Network. Dish did a “hard” unauthorized credit inquiry on me that negatively affected my credit score, they retained no records of the authorization, (all in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, FCRA) but when I contacted them, authenticated myself and asked them to have this credit inquiry removed they refused. They have done no investigation (in violation of the Fact Act).

Dish Network has a history of very bad business practices that hurt consumers in many ways and the State Attorney General’s offices in each state should be informed of these complaints as well as the FTC. In 2009 Dish Network signed onto an “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance” with 45 state AG’s offices and paid a 6 million settlement agreeing to stop their bad behavior, but they have not stopped.

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They did the same thing to my husband in December. He wrote them a letter, contacted the credit bureau and the FTC.

The credit bureau said it appears to be a valid inquiry and my husband would have to contact DISH directly to settle it.

So far, over a month later we haven't heard from either of them.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #663163

If it was a credit inquiry, please email me your account number of phone number so I can look into this and get it resolved for you. Thank you.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #660466

I'm sorry to hear about this situation and would be more than happy to assist you! Can you provide me with some more details as to what exactly happened?

Was it physical damage to your property during a work order or was it damage to your credit report from a third party using your information to set up service fraudulently? Please let me know at so I can discuss this further with you!

to MikeLDISH123 #662135


What do you mean a "third party"? The credit inquiry was done by Dish Network.

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