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I cancelled Dish Network because the reception was poor a few years ago. The dish is hanging by the wires from my roof and they refuse to send someone out unless I pay $95.00 to remove a dish that was obviously not installed correctly to begin with. Here is the type of customer service they give:

Called Dish on 9/16 @ 8:35am Anne C5M - was referred to local retailer to remove dish - phone is 703-367-0622

Called number below and he is a contractor and says it will be a charge of $95.00.

Called again and spoke to Jill PM6 at 8:42am and she said same thing - I asked to be transferred to supervisor (was on hold for 15 minutes) - Jennifer (ILB) - same response - asked to be transferred to her supervisor who is Randall (Richie wasn't there so after 5 minutes I went to Randall) - he was trying but apparently without an account they cannot schedule an appointment. I suggested that a temporary account be set up and Randall thought that might be possible but I told him as long as there was no fee he could set it up. Was transferred to music at 9:20 as Randall was trying to set up an appointment through another department to resolve the issue. Randall said he would set up a basic account and would take care of the charges. Set up pin 1225 so that he could set up account. Randall stated that someone would be out Friday, September 17th between 8 and 12.

Called on 9/17 at 11:40 - Wayne (YFL) he could not find any record of it - put on hold for 5 minutes then transferred to James (AK8) - he started to argue with me saying I would have to pay. Told him I would not pay for something they installed that should of been removed when I cancelled the account. I guess these dishes all over give them free advertising even when you have closed the account as my neighbor has the same thing and he doesn't have them either. I have now been on hold for 10 minutes supposedly waiting for the "Executive".

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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Dish network has installed equipment on my building without my permission and refuses to remove it without charing me hundreds of dollars. they are crooks never again will i allow a renter to have this equipment installed.


This is Nick Franta with DISH Network Customer Support.

I caught your post and want to make sure this issue has been resolved for you. You can directly contact me at nick.franta@dishnetwork. Please include your acct number or the address where you had service so I can take a look at your acct.


Clearly the previous poster has no clue. The dishes are property of dishnetwork, as it is their property they MUST remove it you cannot compare that to an appliance you purchased.

I have the same problem in my backyard, and here its illegal to trash this with the regular trash so not only is very difficult to remove (its attached to an iron pole next to my fence) but I cannot put it in the trash cause the city will fine me (need to request special service to get it taken to a dumpster)...

in any way... I see all over the internet how they abuse this and don't remove it for any body...


There is no promise to remove wires in their agreement. Why would they do that for free.

Clearly you think you can get something for nothing.

If you pay to install a new washer and 4 years later want to wash your cloths outside in the creek instead the company thats sold you the washer is not going to come get it are they? Why would dish?

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