I cancelled my service with dish and they continued to charge me. Not only did they charge me but charged me for equipment that was returned to them.

After calling on several occasions for return boxes and never receiving, I shipped the equipment back using my own ups label and box. Dish claimed to never have received the equipment. I did not learn about this until years later when it appeared on my credit report. I immediately contacted DISH and was informed my account was turned over to a collection agency.

I called this "agency" and was told they gave the account back to DISH. After 3 attempts to have a "higher level" customer service department assist me, I have finally given up. Not only does ups not keep tracking information for more than 90 days but DISH will not work with me in any way. Did I mention I have a DISH account in perfect standing now?

I will be canceling this account.

For DISH to even have a so called "customer service" department is laughable. I will be sure that everyone I know knows how this company conducts it's business.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Aurora, Colorado, United States #708919


I see you've had some disappointment with our service and would be more than happy to assist you! Your efforts would be highly appreciated if you wouldn't mind emailing me your account number to me along with some details of what's been going on. My email address is michael.lemar@dish.com and I hope to hear from you!

Aurora, Colorado, United States #708917

Fed up,

I came across another one of your posts and have responded to it. Please have a look at that and send me an email at michael.lemar@dish.com specifically with your account number so I can pull up your information and go over this situation with you. Thanks!

Houston, Texas, United States #694191

Dish Network is too greedy,they should be avoided,they are the rats of satellite network.

Fresno, California, United States #686774

Dish network kept money they shouldn't have. Someone used my account and paid their Dish bill the money was taken out of my account without my permission to pay someone that I don't even know Dish bill.

I called Dish and spoke with a supervior, and they told me this. I asked that my money be returned, its been a month and I have not seen a dime, and I have called the same person that told me my money was used to pay someone's else' bill, and Dish did not take it our of my account. I didn't hear from them for a month, so I called the Dish Rep, the same one I talked to, four times, he has never returned my call. Its been a month now.

Don't trust dish network, they only tell you what you want to hear at the time and do the opposite of what they say they will do. don't get Dish, they are not honest people.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #683109

Hi there! My name is Kim and I form part of the DISH Social Media Department. I would like for you to know that it will be my pleasure to further assist you with this situation. I apologize for the inconvenience experienced and understand your frustration. I would love to review your account to see in detail what's going on and provide you the best possible resolution. Please email me your account information to kimberly.escobar@dish.com I look forward to assisting you.

Kimberly Escobar

Social Media Representative


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