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We used to have MSNBC in the 120+ package but I guess because of the Olympics, Dish decided to move the channel to the 200 package, all without any proper notice. It's such a blatant bait and switch!!

I wonder if Dish network would keep replacing more popular channels such as CNN with useless shopping channels and then force people to upgrade their package to another with "better" channels. This is an extremely greedy and unethical way of doing business.

Such deceptive business practice will not be tolerated. I will not do business with the company in the future.

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I saw your post and would like to provide some clarification. We didn't switch around any channels between different packages last summer.

MSNBC has always been in the America's Top 200 package and higher.

Let me know if you have any questions as I'd be happy to help! My email address is


You're not missing anything besides silly propaganda with the loss of msnbc.

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