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I've been a Dish customer for quite awhile, and agreed to sign up with them based on the programming schedule that they had. Now, it has been brought to my attention that Dish plans on removing parts of the channels that I frequently watch.

I followed the scrolling directions on the bottom of the screen on one of these channels and protested the removal of these channels. I would be charged a termination fee if I dropped Dish. Why can't they be held accountable, and made to adhere to the programming schedule I signed up for?

I would love to see a class action suit brought against them for not holding to their commitment. Satellite service is expensive enough without losing channels that I frequently watch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Walnut Creek, California, United States #621438

I totally agree with you. DISH Network is the biggest scam artist that I have ever seen.

They offer really good rates but don't believe it for a minute. They will rip you off. You have to do all kinds of updating and calling even to get under 2x the price they quoted you. If you want to disconnect because they lie you will have to pay them over $300 to do so.

They will give you excuses and excuses on why they cannot give you the pricing that you agreed on. Everyone I have spoken to told me that they had to pay DISH far more money than the agreement price because they could always find something to justify it. All of us will leave DISH as soon as we can without additional penalties. There absolutely should be a class action suit against them.

With or without time will take care of this because once burned we learn. DISH you make me sick!!!!!!!


Your comment is incorrect. There is something we can do about it.

I'm sure a class action lawsuit will be filed shortly after Dish Network drops AMC. In the meantime, you can take Dish Network to small claims court to dispute the early termination fee. The contract as written gives Dish Network the power to drop any high-cost channels it wants without reducing its rates. By canceling AMC, Dish Network's costs are decreasing, but it is not reducing subscriber rates.

This kind of one-sided contract language is why the judicial system exists.

You can also put pressure on Dish Network by filing a complaint with the BBB, FCC and your state Attorney General. Dish Network will eventually have to compensate its customers for this change in service, whether voluntarily or through legal action.


Unfortunately cable/satellite companies usually state in the fine print that it's channel line-ups can change at any time and there's nothing you can do about it. What's worse is that the Dish/AMC dispute isn't really about negotiating fees, but about the lawsuit pending by an AMC subsidiary. Dish is making it's customers pay for it losing an initial court ruling and are now being just petty in my opinion.

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