I recently posted a complaint about Dish Network affecting my credit. Dish Network continuously hit my credit bureau with a charge for not receiving credit for a return of my box and remotes.

Mark from Dish responded immediately to obtain more information about resolving my issue. Within a week he was able to track down all the necessary information to put this situation to rest. I no longer have any animosity towards Dish Network and appreciate the efforts from Mark and all involved to resolve this issue.

I think it's great that a website like Pissed Consumer can help a consumer like me to be able to get fast service after a complaint. Thank you!

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Last year my girlfriend signed up for Dish Network,but needed a deposit to get started,she was in between paydays and asked the represenative if it was allright to use a friends credit card for the deposit without that person having anymore commitment toward that service,and was assured that would be okay,that friend was me,and I never heard from dish network again,they never sent me a bill or any correspondence,the bills always went to my girlfriend in her name,at her address.Some months later dish network went into my credit card account and removed over $400,and when I contacted them,they said it was for cancellation fees,I reminded them of the orignal agreement,that I was to have my name removed from any further dealings after they received their deposit,they told me that was unfortunate,and to recover my money from my freind.My bank eventually got my money back for me,but now Dish Network is on my credit report for over a $1000 what can i do to resolve this matter.The account holder is Stephenia ortiz 321 w.109th pl.chicago,il.60628

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