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Dish network is trying to collect $250 for a receiver that they advised me in a letter that was obsolete. As instructed, I dropped it off at recycling and sent back my other receiver after cancelling my service.

I have made many attempts to resolve this issue and now Dish is not calling me back as they stated they would do; however they are still trying to collect the $250. I looked online and the receiver sells on many websites for around $100-$130 brand new. Mine was over 2 years old! Their emails and instructions for returning equipment are purposely confusing and misleading.

I am a competent person, my only error was not making a copy of the instructions that they sent with my return shipping box. Ugh!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Lockhart, Texas, United States #902849

I'm a victim of the return scam as well! I was sent one box with instructions to send their equipment back.

Now they are billing me for $250 saying they only got one box and with one receiver. I've tried to explain to dish representatives several times that they only sent one box to return all of their equipment in so that's what I did. Therefore if they got one piece of equipment they got it all.

They say each piece of equipment was supposed to be shipped in its own box for tracking purposes. That would have been great if they would have sent more boxes and stated this on the instruction.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #587821

Ya I am going thru the same scam....they told me to discard the equipment and are now trying to collect $450...I called to verify tossing the stuff because it was confusing, wrote down the reps name and date and they say there is no record of it!! I wish I would of made a copy of the paper as well and recorded the call

Mark H DISH Network

Hi TheyRscamminme, I will be happy to look into this and see how I may help. Please email with the account phone number and verify your current address for assitance.

Thank You

Mark Haakenson

Social Media Representative


3 pm – 11 pm Sunday though Thursday

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