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Canceled my Dish Network internet service. Returned the modem and LNB onas directed. One month later I received a call stating I owed 207.00. When I inquired as to why I was first told for unpaid serviced thry November and December. After telling them I canceled the service months ago I was told it "must be for the equipment I did not return". I promptly asked what email address I needed to forward the conformation Dish sent me stating they had received ALL the equipment. After being put on hold for 15 min I was correct and told this has been updated to show the equipment was returned. He apoligized and all was good.

Fast forward two weeks and now they are calling my wife's phone. I returned the call from her phone, same story and I stated I had the email stating they received it and it was handled two weeks ago. This time the story changed to "the 207.00 was for the "Modem". "That the part on the dish arrived but the box for the modem has not". Folks, Both parts go in the same box. Nice try Dish. No wonder you are loosing all of your business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $207.

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Conroe, Texas, United States #764145


Please let me know if you need me to look into this further for you as I'd be happy to do so!


Just an FYI, If Mike from Dish network posts a nice comment after your complaint about Dish network, please know that he is going to reiterate the same drivel someone on the phone told you and absolutely do NOTHING to remedy their errors!

HUGE waste of time even answering him. He fixes NOTHING!

to acmecate Englewood, Colorado, United States #760165

I figured that. Living in a small South Ga town has it's advantages.

Everyone knows everyone. Talked to our local sheriff Mr Griffin today and told him about the harassment calls and explained my issues with dish. He asked if I could provided him with the emails sent by Dish stating they received the items and any communications.I Let him listen to the daily voice mails and gave him copies of the email. His only question was did I instruct Dish not to call again.

I informed him I have but will gladly call them again and recorded the call. He said to make sure I told Dish this is a recorded. I'll be calling Dish in the morning to record the call and then proceed to the sheriff department to sign the paperwork for harassment.

Just got to make sure I have my "i" doted and "t" crossed first.

He also suggested reporting them to the local Better Business. At least in Decatur County Ga they will be on record.

Conroe, Texas, United States #756006


I'd be happy to help you with this and we hated to have seen you go! Can you please tell me why you opted to cancel with us so I understand what concerns you've had with the service?

Please email me your account number, as well, at so I can have a look. Thanks!

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