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They add basic international english channels to my package although I do not view those channels and i donot want them to be added to my package. Then, the rep.

told me if you donot have money, do not call us. How rude!! ribbing off people.

Wish you nothing but the worst in ur business!!!!!!!!!i just saw that many people are complaining about it too... i wish other company w take its place and offer international channels...i really donot like dish network...charge too much for few channels that we watch monthly....this is not right and must be changed...

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WOW! I hope I never get "ribbed off" because I want all my ribs ok because if theres one thing I like is my ribs.Gee Dennis i guess that "Hooked On Phonics " is not quite working out for you.Oh soree m'be F i rite lik dis U cood unnerstan LOLOL!


Dennis LaCour,

It would be my pleasure to assist you with that as I came across your post! That's great to hear that you've been enjoying our TV service and certainly hope that continues.

Regarding your internet service, I encourage you to email me your account number so I can look over it and get it cleared up. My email address is and I look forward to your response!



Hi there! I saw your post and would be happy to help and provide you with some information.

Please understand that as a network provider, we pay the networks to provide them to you. Given that, we have very limited control over the price demanded from us and have no choice but to bundle our packages based on price and variety.

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions, I would be happy to assist! My email address is and I hope to hear from you!


I just signed up with Dish

TV Sattelite is Good internet sucks signed up for the higher speed never got past .025 on the upload I'm Basically paying big bucks for dial up I've had 3 techs to my house it's Hughes Net Gen4 it Blows Big Ones don't waste your money unless you just want TV. :(


Thank you Cathy :) You are right. I am learning English..


Ribbing off? What is that?

Or do you mean ripping off. Learn some english!

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