dish has alot of liers working for them. i paid in advance.

then i cancelled my service. i sent back the equipment. they charged me 15.00 they have not refunded the balance. the rep i talked too said i would get a refund.

after contacting dish they said that it would take at least 3 months. i will never go back to dish. att u verse is the best. att was straight about the whole thing.

dish on the other hand lies to customers. they offer you free things for 3 months. they say it will cancel after 3 months. that's a lie.

they bill you and then you have to call in to cancel.

it takes them 2 billing cycle to credit it back. they want you to pay the bill they sent you.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Hi there. Here is a letter I just sent to Dish last night.......

You see I just signed a two year agreement with Dish 3 hours ago.

Yet once I spoke to Dish after getting this service and inquiring as to the lack of channels, I was threatened with a harassment law suite by one of your Supervisors, over the tone of my voice, telling me that '2-3 attorneys would be at my home within the next few days, and within 2 weeks I would have to defend myself in court against their harassment law suite'.

I nearly had a heart attack on the spot, when the supervisor on the phone was advising me of my rights as though she was an attorney?

I literally got sick to my stomach, turned bright red, and got sick.......really!

Come to find out later it was all a big joke and that your EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION TEAM, made up for Eddy Martinez and Omar Reyes, would take care of these people who mis-spoke to me, yet they did not know who the supervisor was because she gave me the wrong ID number for her. She told me she was 1XY but according the Eddy or Omar she was not that.

They the executive resolution department told me I could subpoena the conversation but who knows if this was recorded. These two men told me that it did not matter what the supervisor told me because WE have a contract and nothing can cancel this out even if I was threatened with a law suite. The two people Eddy and Omar told me basically anyone can say anything to me but I had to pay you for my service no matter what.

Seems like a really big joke. They told me it was fine with them if to get a lawyer to write you a formal letter and subpoena the phone conversation, contact the BBB if I wanted to, and call the DA's office here in my state too but they were not going to cancel my 1 hour old contract with them even if someone threatened me and I did not get the channels I was promised and the dish is parked in front of my kitchen window........it's all good hah???? REALLY? ARE YOU GOD? Seems you are above God for the way you operate.

I have Dish now and want them gone. What a horrible company.

Thanks for your time...........please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you in disappearing into the woodwork. Please tell me you will be removing me from your contract especially because not only did I not see your contract because I signed an IPAD that only showed the place for my signature ONLY. I saw nothing else on the page. NOTHING. Then I get sent this contract which I supposedly signed but never saw. Great you guys really are clear on screwing people aren't you.

Basically you can't disappear fast enough. I want you gone and I don't want to pay you for doing so $420. That is robbery and I don't want to be victimized any furthered by your company and is say this loosely.




Slojo69 & Jaggeroth,

Hi, this is Alicia B. I'm with DISH Networks Executive Offices. I want to apologize for any confusion you may have. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers. We have independent retailers that customers can elect to use. If you have elected to use a retailer some offers they give you will be a direct offer from them not DISH Network, for this you would need to contact the retailer directly. If you were given misinformation I would be happy to look at the account and any options we may have for you. Please send me your account number along with a brief description on your concern and I would be happy to look at it with you.

Alicia Brink

Executive Offices of Dish Network

Office Hours: Sunday-Thurs 6:00am-2:00pm

Phone Number: 720-514-8617

Fax Number: 303-723-2063

Email: Alicia.Brink@dishnetwork.com


I love how dish can just deny all credibility to things by hiring 3rd party liers as you call them and having all kinds of different companies that the ACTUAL dish network have no control over. How is that an excuse when you are signing up for their service!

That's like saying your subaru is under full warranty but if your transmission goes out, subaru says "Well we don't have any control over how it was installed, we hire honda to do that so go to them" ... just another example of bad customer service.

You want to help the customer, not make more work for them. How about DISH calls this persons installer for them and tracks their money down?


Also, you should call the installer. We hire 3rd party liers all the time so they probably have your money, not dish.


Hi there, my name is Kaia S and I work in the Executive Offices of DISH Network and I would like to provide you with some additional information and offer my assistance. The time frame for a refund to be refunded is based on the form in which the payment was received.

If the payment was made using a credit/debit card the refund is complete within 7-10 days. If the payment was made using a check, the refund can take a little longer but should be complete within 15-20 days. I want to apologize that you were given incorrect information regarding the length of time it takes to process a refund. The other issue that you addressed was the offer of free programming for 3 months and I would like to clarify the different offers.

We have two types of offers; the first type of offer is when you must call DISH to remove the free programming at the end of the trial period, this is an ‘opt-out’ offer. The second type of offer that we have is an ‘opt-in’ offer for which the programming is automatically removed at the end of the trial period and you would have to call DISH if you wanted to add it back onto your account.

I hope that this helps you better understand the refund process and the different types of offers. If you would like me to review your account to check the status of your refund, please email your account number and contact information to me directly at kaia.sunde@dishnetwork.com.

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