I regret the day I talked my elderly parents to go with Dish. They have perfect A++ credit and have never owned a credit card of any kind, not even a debit card. They pay cash or write a check or they don't buy it.

They do not own a computer or have the desire to own one or keep up with modern technology. They just want something simple, easy to use and they were very happy paying by check every month to DirecTV and had them for 3+ years and never had a problem of any kind until I told them to get Dish it was better.

For the first 3 months Dish was hooked up my mom called me and said Dish was doing the following plus I saw this for myself:

1-Continuously calling wanting a payment for the next month even though your already paid a month in advance.

2-Giving them a final notice or they would discontinue there service in 30 days and then making threats about cutting off there service if payment was not made within 48 hrs.

3-Sending messages on the TV in a bold black bar across the screen telling them there service was going to be canceled every day even though they were paying as soon as they received a bill and paid on time every month.

I called them and ask them to stop the messages on the phone and TV but it took me 2 months to accomplish this.

Well Dish Network, you've finally done it.

They cut off my parents service on 12/29/11 because of non payment of roughly $51.63 even though you already pay for a month in advance.

My mom called Dish and explained to them they had not even received a bill but Dish said sorry there is nothing they could do and cut it off even after she mailed the payment on the 26th when she had to call to ask where to send the payment to.

I contacted Dish on 12/31/11 and the woman I talked to was a very sarcastic, rude, arrogant person. I ask for her supervisor and after being on hold for 30+ min (while she told a supervisor the problem) a man named "Z" came on and started talking nice but turned out the same way she was except he got more rude than the rep. did.

He slammed the phone down on me when I questioned his reasoning for cutting off my parents service knowing that they had never been late on or ever missed a payment. I never got upset or even raised my voice because I knew with the holidays being here they would not post payment for at least a week due to personal being off for the holidays but that did not matter to Dish......they just want the almighty dollar.

I've been with Dish for almost 10 yrs and had some minor problems before but this is the absolute worst experience I've ever had or seen.

We are a very close family and after I informed my brother and his 2 adult children then informed my 3 adult children about the way mom and dad was done by Dish my brother and my son are not under a contract and they have already called and informed Dish they will be getting DirecTV as of 1/9/12 or 1/10/12 so cut there service off.

I'll be calling Dish as soon as my contract is up because I upgraded over a year ago to a get a HD DVR so I just signed on again and I have 2 DVR's. I have about 9 months to go but after that I'll see what DirectTV or cable has to offer.

Happy New Year Dish cancellation is on the way. You will regret the way you treat people because I know of at least 6 families who are leaving you.

Also everyone I come in contact with I'm telling them about how much roughly $51.63 dollars means to your multi-million dollar business.

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Dish network has no respect for their customers and they do not keep their word Been waiting 2 weeks to get my TV fixed each time they make a date to come out its a no show my time doesn't seem to matter when I call to complain the manager she yelled louder then I did and acted like it was my fault Now I am waiting again to see if any one show wish me luck :( to bad I did not check into Dish closer. Would never got Dish in the first place


We canceled our DISH subscription March 22. We were told a return kit was on its way.

No kit came. We have called, chatted with, and emailed DISH beginning March 22 (before the subscription ended on March 27) requesting a return kit (boxes and shipping labels). A return kit was always promised but has never arrived. Each time we were promised the return kit we asked for a tracking number so we could see its progress being shipped to us.

We were never able to get them to give us a tracking number. On July 3, we received a bill in the mail from DISH for a $200 equipment non-return fee due July 17. We contacted DISH by phone and were told (yet again) that a return kit was on its way and the charge would be removed from our bill. However, that same day (July 3), DISH made an unauthorized $200 credit card charge.

We have always been more than willing to return the equipment if they would send us their return kit. We're in the process of disputing the charge with our credit card company and have a complaint in with the Better Business Bureau.

Today we received an email notice from DISH, along with a tracking number(!), saying that the return kit is on its way. We'll see if the charge on our credit card goes away or we have to continue into litigation.

If ever we had wanted to return to satellite television, we would never choose DISH again.


I had Dish for many years and every time I had to deal with them for ANYTHING I always ended up pulling my hair out....I could not believe a company could really be run that way. Well we sold the house and left dish.

I was so pleased that I would never have to deal with them again. Well I was wrong. Around 6 months later a bill showed up on my card along with a charge for an airline ticket. The airline took the charge away without me calling (I assume the person buying the ticket was different than the credit card)...don't know why but it was cancelled.

I called Dish and told them about the charge and they assured me they would take it off...she was nice and seemed competent but I should have know better with all my negative past with them. Of course after 4 or 5 calls and nothing happened, I finally went through my credit card to get the charge removed. In the past when I had to deal with them I would always wonder how on earth does a company keep going that is so dishonest.

If they were the last way I could watch TV I would stop watching TV before I ever had Dish again. Be warned and STAY AWAY from this company!


NEVER give Dish your credit card. They will take out money when they see fit.

I refuse, and pay them by check every month just to chap their ***. They play the game of sending you the bill about the 27th or 28th, and it's due in a few days. Like clockwork we get the Bot call every month threatening to cancel our service and demanding a re-instatement fee if they don't recieve payment. This is after two years of never missing a payment.

Absolute A-holes to deal with. We'll be dumping them soon and going back to Direc.

By not having access to my bank account, they aren't screwing me out of a dime, I guarantee it. They can threaten all they want, and come and pick up the equipment laying in my driveway by the street.


I hated the service as soon as I got it, first came the TWO satellites and the wrong receiver, well they wanted to charge me for the wrong receiver that I did not order and then there is the pay a month in advance that they charge and will charge you a late fee if you send it in late ( why am I loaning a company money, because that what you are doing when you pay in advance) and to stick it to you they charge you 15 dollars a piece for sending there receivers back, I tell everybody, stay away from anything that looks like Dish Network


I have nothing nice to say about DISH. Their customer service is *** poor at best. I spent an hour and a half this morning trying to get resolution after they hit my account for the monthly payment that had been made online, and cleared 5 days prior. Every department I talked too said that this wouldhave to be handled by another dept. EVery time I got lost in the transfer. Then, their system went into upgrade mode and the computer was not linking phone numbers to accounts. So, that was fun and frustrating. I finally get a live person who gives me a differend 800 number. This rep tells me they have no account with my phone number. So, I tell him what the other rep said. I gave him my name, address, last 4 of my social and phone. Guy keeps demanding my account #, which was not readily handy.

When I inform him I am very upset and had wasted a lot of precious time on this and would just like the mailing address for the executive offics --HE REFUSED. He said unitl I gave him a good account number he would not. He went on to tell me that they had caller ID and that the number I was giving them was NOT the phone number I was calling from. REALLY? Why would I waste all this effort in giving you a bogus number.

I will be writing a lengthy letter and sending a copy to the BBB, FCC and whomever else looks at shady companies.



I wish I had done more research about dish network. I would have never signed up with them.

I'm at home in a snow storm, not unexpected here however - my loss of signal is. The dish is on the top of my roof and cannot be cleared at this time. Their answer was - You should have had that discussion with the installer when it was put it last June- like I knew to ask that question. Now no TV till the 3 day storm has passed.....

and oh yes, your bill just increased by $15 a month so you will not have to pay $95 home service fee to fix any problem we may have.......oh my, we didn't discuss that either with you?? so sad too bad your fault, not ours. Polite person on the phone, at least she did not swear.... only *** pour customer service.


It will ALWAYS be your fault. oh yeah you can buy you contract out only $350.00 plus cost to return our equipment since there is have no equipment return center near by - greater Seattle area.


COunt me as #7 family. I am shopping around for new TV service, and I will not choose Dish. Thank you for your information.

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