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Dish network ripped me off. They offered to upgrade my box for DVR (which can record, pause and play back programs).

I asked them what it would cost me, they said about $5.00 a month more than I was paying. I asked if there were ANY other charges, they said NO. No other charges not even to ship the box back or get the new DVR.

After I returned my box they refused to ship me the DVR unless I paid $99.00 for installation.

I did not need installation, all the wiring was already done & we had previously hooked up the boxes ourselves many times. Dish refused to ship my old box back unless I paid them the $99.00.

I told Dish that I had asked about additional charges and was told there would be NONE other than the monthly $5.00 fee. Dish said well there are no additional charges, that they did not consider the $99.00 installation an additional charge......BOLOGNA!!!!

This is a SCAM! I no longer do business with them, they lie, mislead and and supervisors refuse to take responsibility for the lies the employees tell.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

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Hello this is Mike Houston of DISH Network customer service. And I do want to say I am sorry to Abbafather for having a bad customer service experience with us.

And if you’re able to get this post I would like to go over everything with you about your whole account. Then we can clear up any questions you may have.

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