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Update by user Oct 31, 2012

Dish Network refused to work with me. I told them not to send me a settlement of 3 months until I contacted a lawyer.

They sent it anyway because they know they can get away with it. They sent me a 3 month resolution that is no where near the amount taken. They are not concerned about the giant dish in the yard because they most likely consider that free advertising. I will be removing that so I do not portray a happy customer.

Legally I have no rights because they claim they had an e-mail to send the billing to. This e-mail is obsolete and was shut down by yahoo long before this happened.

The e-mail I use is the one they conveniently have no record of me giving to them. Like I said before they have the power so lets take it from them by not doing business anymore!!!

Original review posted by user Sep 29, 2012

I cancelled dish network but they did not cancel my service and continued to charge my debit card. When I contacted them they did not deny they simply said it was my fault for not catching it.

I will only get reimbursed for a small amount of what they stole from me because the laws let them get away with more. Now they are hounding me by phone about equipment returns and say that I terminated an agreement. I would never allow myself to work for a company that openly practices extortion and theft.

I have more integrity than that. This is not different than mob protection and extortion scams and should fall under the Rico act.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Austin, Texas, United States #665975

I pay like $10 for my box and all n i ask that i wanted to buy one more they said i will have to pay like $60 n if i forgot to pay my bill i hand to pay $400 something n i was like *** *** bitchs thats it im changing companys n hang up on thier *** now they keep calling me that they want to make a deal *** no they never follow are agreement in the *** contract ITS HORRIBLE CUSTEMER SERVICE :(



I came across your post and definitely wanted to provide some assistance to get that straightened out! If you could please email me your account number, I can look over it to gather all information in order to gain a clear understanding of the situation. My email address is and I'll enjoy the opportunity of getting this worked out!


What is it that you want me to say since Dish Network agents failed to keep any of my requests. I did cancel my account she even asked me why.

I did change my e-mail but they say they have no record of that either. I did ask them to change all information regarding my account due to my divorce and that was not done. I like how this annoys you when it costs you nothing. Also several pieces of equipment belong to me.

How convenient for you that you are able to be annoyed by my financial disrepair since Your company failed in its integrity in every way possible. I hope you don't lose any sleep over my annoying you or are you annoyed because you work for them and I am far from the only complaint about this you have...afraid for your job security I think.


How exactly did you cancel your account? Did you just disconnect your receivers?

You'd want to provide written notice of cancellation, or call in to cancel.

You also would have authorized them when you signed with them the ability to automatically withdraw from your account any unreturned equipment fees or early termination fees. And if you had autopay, well, they're authorized to take the monthly charges out of course...

to Annoyed Retention Agent Fair Oaks, California, United States #643946

I just got talking to a account specialist and they were rude I have been their customer for over 2 years they told me if I get another box it would cost 7 a month instead they charge me 13 then they told me no charge for installation but they charged me 95 and pro rated something else for 22 in the end when i asked to cancel the account they want to charge me 320 and they will not take the dish off of my roof it mine to keep I never wanted to cancel but they gave me no choice I need help and do not know what or where to go. I don't want to ruin my credit can i take them to small claims what other option I have PLEASE SOMEONE HELP my email is automax.usa@hotmail

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