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I contacted Dish Network for information on pricing. Specifically, I wanted to know all the hidden charges connected to a subscription to one of Dish Network's packages. The Dish Network Representative requested that I give my Name, address and social security number so that she could run a credit check. I declined to give my number and told her that all I wanted was some information. She said that she would not give out any information without a credit check, which I again declined. I was unable to get any of the information I was seeking and that is where the conversation ended.

Two days after this conversation I received a letter from Dish Network with the heading "Inside: The Information You Requested". The Letter was addressed to Freak *** at my address and the content was a common Dish Brochure with no additional information. I was quite offended by the letter and notified Dish Network by their email at customer service. I have not received a response from Dish Network.

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Fedrafjo, I would be happy to look into this for you and understand your frustrations. To accurately give you pricing, we do run a credit check prior to signing you up. If you choose not to, we can give you an estimate of the pricing. Please send me an email at and I would be happy to assist you! Thank you!

Becki Barned

DISH Internet Response Team

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