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They frauded/lied/misrepresented Blockbuster movies. What you get is a choice of movies NOBODY would want to see.

After the $10 per month DVR is installed, only then do you realize you've been had because you have to PAY to see a movie worth watching. I told them yesterday, immediately after the installation, to come take their *** DVR out of my house and their dish off my roof. They can take me to court because I will NEVER pay them the $10 x 24 months fee they tricked my wife and me into signing for BEFORE they installed the DVR so that we could see how we'd been DUPED, e.g., their claim beforehand that they couldn't give us a list of the "many movies" because the list is constantly changing...


I'd gotten them out of my life years ago if I'd known they were the FRAUDS AND LIARS that they are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

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I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been enjoying the service and it would be my pleasure to look into your concerns to get them figured out! If you could, I would appreciate it if you could email me your account number so I can go over your information in order to optimally assist. My email address is and I will enjoy the opportunity of getting this resolved to your satisfaction so you can start to enjoy your experience with us!


Dish Network's Blockbuster Frauded us!


After the $10 per month for Blockbuster (which we had been paying unknowingly for several months) and the new $6 per month DVR is installed, only then do you realize you've been had.

They tricked my wife into signing the installer's ONE-page computer screen to confirm he "had been here and installed the DVR". Later they emailed us the installer's computer screen that showed FOUR full pages of service agreements. All that was shown my wife was the signature part on the first page on his computer screen.

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