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I tried to have my Dish Satellite TV service disconnected for 3 days. It can't be cancelled by mail, email--or with your online account.

It can only be cancelled by telephone through their cancellation department. (Seriously?) For 3 days, I was put on hold for up to 60+ mins. at a time, waiting for someone from this "FANTASY" CANCELLATION DEPARTMENT to answer.(I never spoke to anyone in that department) Instead of answering, they hung up the phone!!!!! I called back, and their customer service reps were so sickening sweet with their assurances of "only 4 minute" wait times.

(Don't you just HATE that?) Finally, after 3 days of torture, I registered a complaint with the FCC. If enough of us poor tortured souls register FCC complaints about DISH NETWORK'S "FANTASY" CANCELLATION DEPARTMENT, perhaps their license will be reviewed.

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