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We called customer service to ask clarification about why our bill doubled (no upgrade in service) within an 18-month period. We expected a small increase, $20-$30 in our bill after the original promotions expired.

We were given an indecipherable explanation by the first representative and were transferred to a different representative. The next person had a higher level of authority, we were told, to offer incentives to keep our business. We were asked by representative with "higher authority" what our budget allowed. Because we were "loyal customers", the rep offered the exact package that we currently had at a monthly fee that was a couple of dollars more than our stated budget amount for an additional 10 months.

It was an offer that we decided/could not to refuse. We said "Ok" and promised to reevaluate our finances when the 10-month offered expired.

Two days later, we noticed that many channels were blocked. We called Dish customer service to rectify... After more than an 90 minutes being shuffled from one rep to the next (3 different people) and finally to the "President's" office, we were told that there was no record of the offer that we explained and that it would take weeks, maybe months, to retrieve the recorded conversation that we "said" we had where the offer was made.

Our only choices, we were told, were to subscribe to a different package (which we had been willing to do a few days earlier before being offered to keep our current package at a reduced rate), end our service and pay an early termination fee (our contract expires in March 2015), or keep our current package and continue paying the stated monthly fee with a small credit (I believe $10/month) for the next three months. We reduced the package to the absolute minimum ($19.99/month) and will be cancelling Dish Network when our contract ends in March 2015.

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