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All I have to say is make sure you have an in house tech install your system if possible. The guy they sent for me was a contractor and took six hours to intall and still wasn't finished. I wasn't home at the time and if I had known they were sending a couple of morons to my house I would have sent them away. They couldn't put it where the direct tv dish was on my deck because they couldn't get a signal, my wife calls me at work to tell me that they need to put it on the roof. I said as long as it's in the back of the house. I get home from work and it was on the front of my house and the black cable was nailed in a half dozen places on my vinyl siding and my house is a light colored beige. Totally looked like a *** put it up. I was livid. I call the guy who installed it and he told me a number bull **** stories and I told him if he didn't come back and change it immediately that he could come back and uninstall it.

He actually told me that he was scared of my steep oof and that it's the best he could do. He came back the next day and put on the back how I wanted and I had to tell him how to install it so he didn't put more holes in my siding. What a joke folks. To top it all off they stepped on one of my roof vents and smashed it up and then denied it. My home is new and the only people that were on my roof were the builders and him. I'm considering to take him to small claims for my siding and roof vent. One more thing I still have one tv still not working because of no signal and I'm paying for it, but I don't want him to come back. Every time I call customer service to try to report a problem, the installer's calling me. It's like he must get a message I'm calling somehow. Terrible customer service when you call because they use caller i.d. to automatically ask questions with no relevance to my call....

I have an 18 month contract and that will be the end of dish tv for me. I can do without tv before another scab tears up my house again. -Ralph T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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