When you pay for a certain packagethen one day you wake up and most of the channels are gone. Then after a few days you get all these movie channels after a certain amount timethey disappear you your left with a few channels youcan count how many on one hand eventually you get back all the channels you originally signed up to getand so it goes just a vicious circle rediculous thats ok when the agreement runs out that it for us we will not renew our contract with dish

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Yes, I have had Dish for several years and unfortunately it is a Monopoly way out here!We were told we would be getting TimeWarner and then it changed to Spectrum and then we were told we are not going to get it here, even tho they are just up the hill from my house. So, I'm stuck with Dish until I finally just say enough is enough....I have channels that I never ever look at and yet the channels I use to watch are gone!!!(that's because they are watching what we watch.....I turn my TV off at night and my cable box is continuously running ALL night).....I finally started justing unplugging it altogether.....but, when I turn it on in the AM........it takes me 10 minutes to get my TV to even work......I long for the old days and at this point I would suffice with 4 local channels to watch and the *** with DISH!!


I have received a letter recently stating that they watch what you are watching! They watch everything!

So, they know what to disconnect to force you into a different package to make more money.

I watch maybe 4-5 channels out of all the *** channels that I have. It ALL is a game and a rip-off.

to Anonymous #977808

You are close, but your understanding of it is way off base. Thanks to digital equipment, and boxes connected to the Internet, the company is able to track how much each channel is being viewed and when.

It is not account specific, but this information is used when channels come for renewal to set both price, and if they will continue it. Every TV company does this.

This would be the reason Ovation is no longer available, every Dish customer had a voice on that, and unfortunately those that watched that channel were not enough to justify the cost, or bandwidth, so that channel was removed completely. Ovation may lower their price later on if they want to get Dish back on there, but thanks to this off monitoring, every single customer gets a digital say in the matter.

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