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Stay away ftom Dish Network!!! They trick you to get their services...my daughter 23 years old called dish network to just get a price quote..the sales rep told her he needs her debitcard info and SS # to do a credit check..which is not true for just getting a price quote..my daughter made it clear to the sales rep that she didnt wanted to get the service yet..she is just checking on prices..well that sales rep tricked her into giving him her debitcard info and her SS#...and shortly aftet that their took 49.99 $ out of her account without her premission...she also got and e mail from dish network with an account number and order number that same day and like 4-5 emails from AT&T for her new phoneservice which the ssles rap didnt even mention to her that dish network uses AT&T for the phoneservice...so we called AT&T to cancel the phoneservice but they told us we have to call dish netwoork to cancel..so called dish network was on the phone with them for over 2 hours got transfered like a 100 times till we finally got someone to cancel all the services that my daughter didnt even signed up for!!!!

Then we asked about refunding the 49.99 back to her account but the person that we talked too that canceled everything told us He can't do the refund because IDischnetwork took the money out of her bank not Dishnetwork...so we ask who is IDishnetwork..he responded that is a 3 party company..so badically what Dish network is doing is given out private information to a 3 party company without premission!!! which is never good!! Needless to say my daughter didnt get her refund yet!! We called IDishnet work twice already the first time the lady said oh her refund gonna take 3-4 business days so we waited but no refund yet!!

We called again today and the guy we talked to ftom IDishnetwork said that we had to cancle with IDishnetwork for my daughter to get her refund back...why in the world did the lady that we talked first from IDishnetwork didnt tell us that!!! This is unbeleavable how Dishnetwork tricks and lie to people on the phone!! This company needs to get closed down..their fraud people.steal from people and lie just to get money!! We gonna get my daughter a new debit card so dishnetwork/IDishnetwork cant get any more money out of her bankaccount!!!

and if we have to we will despute the money their took out of her account!! This company needs to be stoped period!!! Their customer service is suck can't understand half the things their saying because their dont even speak english right!! very unfriendly customer service!!!


Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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