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I called dish network hoping they were better than Comcast and direct tv, NOT.Just as bad if not worse. Who want to be on the phone for hours wasting valuable time and then writing complaints, not me.

I think we the people should cancel all tv networks and let them suffer just like they did to us. They're overcharging,after giving me a 2 year fixed contract they told me I had X amount of boxes and this is why my rates went up,I told them, no more then I had from day 1. Then they told me there was a price increase, (what is it boxes or price increases)I told them, you guys are nothing but scam artists.

When I ask them to listen to our original conversation, they told me they could not find it and they offered me a discount, which didn't match my original contract. I'm happy that this is happening because I'm going to spend more quality time with my family and not have to deal with this BS

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I've had this happen many many times.... Also they add things on your bill that was not authorized!!!! That's why I had to *** automatic payments!!!

to Anonymous #1131679

That's all they do is deceive their customers

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