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I called to cancel Dish network's service. I have the basic plan and tend to get more infomercials than I can stand and for 47.00 a month I've decided I don't want the service anymore.

I have continued to reduce plans as the costs have continued to rise. So in calling I was told that I would have to PAY $34.00 to send the equipment back, I asked where I could drop it off and was told they don't have a location for that.

What a rip off I have to pay almost an additional month to ship as I would to continue the service. The customer service supervisor/rep Scott M5D"was not wanting to help and was not willing to transfer me to the department manager"

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MR. Black,

I came across your post and just wanted to provide you with some clarification to your concern.

As a network provider, we pay the networks to provide you with them. We do not own them and have no control over the content they show as that's their choice, not ours. This is true for all pay-TV providers.

I hope that helps and please let me know if you have any questions. My email address is



I can see why this would be frustrating for you. The return shipping for equipment is $15 per label, but you are definitely free to use your own shipping methods. We provide the labels since they are generally less expensive.

Our only drop off location available is in El Paso, TX. I can definitely review the account with you and check this out. If you would like any assistance, you can raech me at

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative


Sell your stock in both Dish Network and DirectTV, Both only show constant reruns with a couple of new things a month thinking this is enough to keep the customer happy,bull *** for what we pay. I to have had to reduce my plan since I signed up with Dishnet and I am still paying $80.00 a month for basic and encore, what I get is reruns not even reruns from 6 months ago but last month and a lot of commercials.

I am going back to regular cable next month and also getting high speed internet and will be a paying $15.00 less. I read today in the paper DishNetwork is reporting profits down by 34 percent.That probuly means there going up again on there prices.They could save money by firing the program director that keeps putting all the same reruns on.

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