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I am just dropping a note to let you know I am not happy with the way Dish has treated me after a deployment. First I was told I had to pay to keep my account on hold while I was deployed for 4 months. Then they add them months to my contract and stuck me with a 245 dollar cancellation fee. I could go to JAG and put in a complaint about this situation but I can sleep at night doing what I do in life how about you DISH?. I just can not believe a huge company like this is so money hungry they are screwing a soldier for 245 dollars. Plus I am just waiting for this return equiptment fee I know i'm gonna get screwed for that plus a 17 dollar fee to return it. Dish can not have a driver pick up there equiptment? As I told the rep on the phone Dish can enjoy my money and I will enjoy telling everyone I know about how dish network screws the military members.Thanks for letting me vent. DISH NETWORK thank you for your service to this country I'm proud of you.I'll keep you in mind next time I go to IRAQ enjoy your freedom in Corp America.


Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Monetary Loss: $245.

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In This State, I turned them into Attorney General, they took them to task and I received a complete refund,

Joe Mahoney - Arkansas


Dish screws everyone. That's how they stay in biz.

O haven't had half the channels I paid for and all they do is shrug it off. I'm a disvet so TV is important to me



That's excellent to hear and thanks for the kudos! Please keep us in mind if you ever consider our service again as we'd love to have you back with us and are always here to help. Have a wonderful day!



I was contacted by a Dish employee on this matter from this site.He was able to knock off around 35% of the 245 cancellation fee which would cover my military service. So I am happy with that.

I was just angry about being charged for Military service time.This backs up my statement about Title 10 orders it does not matter if you are overseas or stateside they have the same rights. Thank you Mr Busa and Mr LeMar.



It would be a pleasure to provide you with some assistance to this as I've gone over your situation and would like to get it straightened out! If you could, please send your account number to me at so I can take a look at what's going on with your commitment and check all of our options. Thank you very much for your cooperation and I hope to hear from you!


Military also,

I absolutely want to have a look at your account to see what I can do as I found your post very interesting! Could you please email me your account number? My email address is and I appreciate your efforts!


I am also ex military and a lifetime member DAV. Dish network doesn't care they want your money period.

What I did was go to the States Attorney General and filed a complaint.

Dish Network had to refund in full all charges. There are some of us who appreciate your service THANK YOU !!


Title 10 orders are Title 10 orders it does not matter where you serve if you are called upon to support a specific mission that are on Title 10 orders. Research the policy for deployment in support of Title 10. Thank you for your comments though hope you had a great thanksgiving


The over seas deployment does matter for 2 very good reasons. One, if for a government forced move to an area that can not legally provide service(I.e.

Germany, Italy, etc) soldier sailor act applies. Secondly, if you cannot get service in your temp quarters and this was a move ordered by command it is then commands job to offer the solution( I.e. moving from one barracks to the next to provide more room.). You, nor dish should be held liable, but somebody has to pay.

You submit those charges to your S1 for reimbursement.

I am familiar with this from TWC in tx. Research the policies and see the big picture.



I would be happy to help you with that as I came across your post! Could you please email me your account number so I can take a look at it and see what I can do to get that situation figured out?

I can definitely look over everything and determine the appropriate resolution. My email address is and I look forward to hearing from you!



It would never be a ploy i have integrity.As I told DISH not all soldiers who handle stateside missions do not have acess to have cable hooked up to the temp living quarters therefore the policy of "overseas" deployments should not matter. The fact that they made me pay a holding fee on my account while I was serving is wrong.And the fact they took those deployment months and added them to my 2 year contract is even worse.

I will let everyone I can know that Dish network screws military personnel.

I have no problem paying out my contract but i do have a problem with paying for my military service time. Thanks MSG O


Hello. I'm also prior service.

Dish along with many other companies will do a few things for military. Do you have a copy of deployment orders? Are you deploying out of country? Dish does abide by the soldier sailor act.

But it's a two way street. If your deployment is.... Say Texas then you would be stuck. But depending on the situation you would need to speak with someone about.

Look At the residential service agreement online if you must. My

It will tell what you can and cannot do. If your deployment for "4 months" is just a ploy to get out of a contract, then I am disgusted but if legit you still have options

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