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Dish Network put up a satellite in a location where I was only receiving 57 - 63% of satellite service for over two and a half years and I was always making my payments. Now after further investigation I found out that dish company should have told me that they cannot install a satellite in this location because I will not get my full capacity of the satellite, but they didn't and they put up the satellite and I have been paying out of the yin-yang for it no more I am retaliating out of them in. Faith and headaches and overpayment the big company will not walk on the little man no more I'm done with it

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Satellite Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you’re talking about the point dish screen, and signal strength, those are points not percent. Anything over 35 is a strong viewable signal. The higher the number(53 being average) the better it deals with rain fade.

to Boogey Man #1410914

Yes at 53% Satellite coverage I'm not getting the regulatory satellite range and that's between 96 - 99. After I did my investigation Dish Network should have never put a satellite in that location and they are the experts

to Anonymous #1411765

Again, we’re you using the point dish screen on the rece Get to get 53%? If so, that’s incorrect.

That is not a percentage.

53 on that screen is a great signal. Dish doesn’t deal in percents, which is why it goes to 125, not 100.

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