After about 10 mins of waiting for this page to load, I can now write my review. May I just say, Dish internet is the worst internet I have ever used in my entire life!!!

We have a 2 year contract with them...I don't know how we are going to survive this. It takes like 30 minutes to load a web page, we can't use Netflix, we can't play games online, we can't use YouTube, it takes more than two hours to download a game from the app market, we can't even use the youtube app on smart phones because it simply doesn't load!!!

I wish we would of stayed with Comcast!!! Dish Internet is the worst scam ever, they advertise as High Speed Internet when in reality, you can't get slower then Dish.

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I agree. Right now im getting 30kbps when with FiOS i got 5mbps and dish is a f**king scam. They should be sued by the government for false advertisement!

Winslow, Arizona, United States #883441

I am having the same issue with dish. We get our internet "through" them. They charge me $60.00 a month for internet that does not work half the time and it is actually through another company that only charges $20.00 a month

When I talk to customer service, they will not talk to me and hang up.

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