Placed order for Dish service and gave bankcard for monthly cost of $29 p/mo. Tech came out, really nice guy, but could not connect my VCR into the Dish box provided.

Talked to Dish rep and was told to buy special cable. I did that, from RadioShack $25. Called rep back, even had direct extention but it didn't work. Told to buy different cable.

Went and exchanged and paid another $7 or so over cost of first cable. Called rep back. Was passed up the line til reaching someone in tech dept. Told me my Tv wouldn't allow the connection.

Had the same hook up as Direct-TV but was looking for less expensive service. When, after 19 days of NO service , told them to cancel. It took over 2weeks and 3 phone calls to get the return pkg sent , butit finally came. Thought that was the end of Dish but they are the gift that keeps coming back.

After more than 5 weeks my bankcard was hi it for $427 by Dish. I have been unable to get the money back after calls to customer service and talking with everyone I could get a name for. Have also called, left messages, sent emails and snail-mail and NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN COLORADO OR ANY OF THEIR OTHER OFFICES HAS HAD THE COURTESY TO RESPOND. They stole $427 from me without blinking an eye.

Bring Dish Complaints up on the web and you get eyefull!!!! Stay away from Dish and join me in the "tv via air service " and you don't have to pay anything!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $427.

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Send complaints to the Better Business Bureau, BBB, in Colorado, where the company is headquartered then all communications will be dated and in writing. Also, send a complaint to your state Attorney General’s office, because 46 state Attorney Generals compelled Dish into an “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance”, AVC, in 2009. The AVC was a settlement for these types of consumer complaints and the AGs retained the right to continue to monitor this company for noncompliance, so they need to hear from consumers.

Blatant disregard for consumer rights is part of this company's business plan. I do not recommend being a customer or an investor of this company.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #709028


I can understand your frustration from all this and we hated to have seen you go! It would be my plesaure to help you if you haven't already been able to get this resolved. Please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com and I'll enjoy the opportunity to assist you further!

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