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In February, 2012 my DVR stopped working. Dish sent me another one.

I called tech support and he walked me through installing the new DVR and specifically told me the new DVR does not require a sim card. It's built in. I put the old DVR in the return box and shipped it back. About a month later Dish took an extra $50 out of my bank account.

I called customer service and was told they did not receive my old DVR back. I gave them the tracking number of my package, they found it (right) and said I would get the $50 refunded. After 2 more months and no refund, I called back to ask about it. I was again told they did not receive the old DVR.

I AGAIN gave them my tracking number, they found it, but then said the sim card had been removed. I told them I did not remove it, and it was there when I returned it. Tech support said I no longer needed it so I had no reason to keep it. I was still told no refund.

After many calls and requests to speak to managers, I was then told a manager waived the fee and I would get my refund. The lady supposedly transferred me to the department that would arrange the refund, but when that one answered, she said no way. According to the notes, I did NOT qualify for the refund because of the missing sim card. Whoever transferred me to her, lied to me when she told me a manager approved my refund.

What a joke. I then arranged for a TV antenna to be installed inside my attic, and I now receive a beautiful picture, and I am able to get any additional channels through other technology. I called Dish to cancel my service. When they asked why I was leaving, I told them.

At that point I was told yet again, I can have my $50 refunded if I would stay with them. NO WAY am I falling for that again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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That's a pretty interesting situation there and I wanted to check in with you about it! Did you receive a follow-up to get it taken care of?

Please let me know as I'm interested in whether it got resolved. My email address is and I'll look forward to hearing from you!

DanB@Dish Network

@Cmills, I do apologize for the frustration this incident caused you. I'm also sorry we lost you as a customer over a $50 charge. I do hope we have the opportunity to provide you our best in service in the future.


Someone dropped off one of there satillate dish in my yard,attached to concrete, they keep telling me to dismantle it, I repeated several times it's not mine, it says DISH, not Connie on it, so after a hour chat, and no customer service on the phone, I called corporate at 303-942-8605, and talked to Debra Evans, who called everyone in my area to pick it up, she says she'll call me this afternoon to let me know for sure.

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