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I just wanted to advise Dish that I will be discontinuing my service at the end of my current contract period.

1. The America's top 120 package is among the worst selection in TV today.

2. movement of top food network shows to 113 to get Top 120 customers to upgrade.

3. Competitors such as u-verse include national geographic and animal planet in the cheapest programming packages they sell.

4. I will set up a webpage and blog to outline your substandard programming packages.

5. Your pricing is not worth the programming provided.

Dish packages are not what consumers want due to the fact they are bundled with shows no one in their right mind would ever pay for.

Going with netflix @ 7.99 rather than the Dish-network rip off packages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Package.

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Paying 44.99 for Sports channels and INFORMERCIALS IS NOT what we had in mind.

Again they state a different company controls the programming.

And I said where can we go to complain as a mass about the junk they r providing us for 44$ a month?

No answer to that

My major problem is that in the past yr and a half we have had complete signal loss 2 times a day or more.

Last tech that did nothing when he was here threw a survey paper on my table and told me to sign it.

NOT fill it out but to JUST sign it.

I'm sure he gave himself high marks in his truck.


They also promise free locals.

You can get 4 times as many locals over the air using an antenna.

They clearly violate the contract.

Dish maybe gives you one.

Definitely the worst service and poor customer service also.


"The package are outlined the way that they are due to contract negotiations with the networks that we purchase the programming from." That's a LIE! They will also tell you that programming packages are put together by customer demand.Another LIE! Notice they don't offer a family pacakge any more.That's because they had numerous shopping channels and other channels no one ever watches(The University of CA. and AZ. channesls,Liks tv,NASA,Pentegon tv,coulors tv,Starfish tv,CSPAN,CSPAN2 and CSPAN 3.

Of course Dish didn;t think that families watch sports(No NFL network and no ESPN) and of course families don't watch movies(No 24 hour movie channels such as TCM or AMC)And Dish cannot figure out why Direct tv is number one.

And just try to talk to someone about programming.YOU CAN'T!No one knows ANTHING about programming and they cannot connect you to anyone who does.

Sky Angel offers the NFL network and MLB channel on their BASIC programming package but Dish doesn't.Dish doesn't even offer MLB channels but Direct tv,cable and Sky Angel does.Also you can talk to someone about programming at Sky Angel.

Horrible programming packages and bad customer service-That's Dish network.Thier new slogan should be-"We make you apy for channels you never watch".


Hello, my name is Becki, with DISH Network. The package are outlined the way that they are due to contract negotiations with the networks that we purchase the programming from. We have multiple packages with numerous channesl to better fit everyone's needs. I do apologize that the packages were unsatisfying to you. We here at DISH wish you the best in the future!

Becki Barned

DISH Network Customer Service


I agree with everything you said. I was with direct tv before.

Assumed I would get something close to what we had. Complained about programing or lack of it. They said they had no control over it. Link Tv is news from 2000 for example.

Shows go off at midnight. The tech. was a joke, said he didn't care if we reported him or not. He gave us an old DVR box, I asked for a newer one but he said they were alot of troublr.

So now if I want goggle tv I have to buy a sling. Local channels are only on part of the time. When I call about a problem which is alot, I am on hold forever. When I get a tech she is talking to me while talking to someone else.

I know there is more but I can't remeber it just know. Don't go Dish, there us nothing to watch!!!!

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