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Dish network is a bunch of lying, cheating bastards. I was told that in order to downgrade my service and take hd off I would have to pay 100.00 to change the equiptment.

They agreed to wave it if I signed a 24 month commitment which I agreed to and was fine until I questioned about the 5.99 they were charging me for my "reciever not connected to a phone line" which it was which I had been getting charged errently for the previous year and a half or so would not offer a refund but offered me a "better rate on service at 54.99 a month with 2 dvrs for the whole 2 years for my"inconvienence" Anyhow first bill and all others were around 100 dollars or more a month I complained and was told the "rate wasnt ever available" and if their customer service lied to me then it was my fault and that they couldnt obtain recordings and that I was at their will to charge whatever they wanted and prices can raise at any time.

I said so does this mean yall can charge me 1,000.00 a month if you want and they actually told me "yes" which obviously they cannot do it would be a breach of their "contract" which by the way they dont even have my name on correctly but cant "locate their copy and i have to wait several months to get out of contract for these reasons. I called corporate who told me they are in this "to make money and that they are a company" I yelled at them still got no where this company is the biggest lying cheating foreign bastards in the world do not ever ever ever use them!!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I apologize for any frustrations experienced. Our technician visits are normally $95, or $15 with our Protection Plan warranty. It is possible the $70 may be from other charges, but I would have to look at the account for more information.

If you'd like any assistance with this or have any questions let me know here and I will give you a way to contact me personally!

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative

University, Mississippi, United States #442481

dish network customer service sucks, i was told that they will not charge me for tech services because it was free (first time courtesy service), month later found out they have charged my $70.00, cancelled my service, feels good, they are a bunch of morons...


Do not get Obama-balled by Dishnetwork!! My friend bought into the 2 year contract scam of Dishnetwork and has to pay a $100 dollar moving fee to get the sucky pathetic *** service located to a new house.

She tried to suspend it for 6 months but the screw ball dictator service reps said that can only be done after your first 2 year contract. My advice to Dishnetwork is to relocate to China and screw the economic booming Chinese.



I apologize about the confusion, I understand that as a new customer there are a lot of things to go over. We do not have a package currently for 14.99, I can assure you we make every effort to provide accurate information. If you would like me to take a look into your account I would be more then happy to. I do apologize we did not have your call available, unfortunately we do not currently have the capacity to keep every call on record for a long period of time. There are a lot of things that add to the core package price; additional TV's, DVR, HD, service plan, premium channels etc. Please email me directly so I can assist you better.


I was told my service would cost 14.99 a month for the first year,and 24.99 a month for the second year,and i did not get it in writing,which i am partly to blame,and did not look at the bill for several months,i just paid way in advance,and suprise it is 56.00 a month,and when i called them on it,they said i agreed to that,i said prove it,it should be on recording,and they cant,but if i owed them something,i bet they would find the recording,i cant wait to finish my contract,and cancel,i will never use them again,and always get it in writing



I understand your frustration. I wanted to clarify the programming access fee some customers are receiving. Although this is not a fee currently in effect, if you signed up under a promotion that had the programming access fee and are still being charged the $5.00 there is a way to take part in the current incentive to waive that fee. You can add the automatic payment option to your account, paperless billing, along with a valid email address. Keep in mind that even though a phone line/broadband connection is not required to avoid additional charges, having it connected does provide you with a lot of other interactive benefits. Some of these benefits included paying your bill using remote, ordering programming using remote, up to date weather information on interactive menus but it will also allow you to update and change DVR recordings online or watch recorded programs from DVR on your computer depending on your service and equipment. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers. There are some situations that may cause your bill to increase or change; expiration of promotions, price increases, additional receivers, additional features, additional programming. If you have any other questions please feel free to let us know.

Alicia Brink

DISH Network


youwhooo i understand that ur pissed about something but ur statement shows that ur of the redneck inbread population( there the only ones who use that term) but remember any company is made up of many people. calling in and saying its gonna be this way without researching into a company your own *** fault.

did you know u dont have to go through ur electricity and water provider by govt law u can outsource. where people like you who have to deal with you calling in pissed off at us for something a retailer told you (also like a car dealership) fliars are always always through retailers ALWAYS!!!


Dish network is a bunch of lying, cheating bast**ds!!! They lie about not telling consumers up front or on contract that they charge customers extra for no phone line hooked up to reciever, just have a reciever is extra, telling you they give you credit of $50 dollars if u refer a friend, intitial installation appointment is false (they don't show up for 2 weeks, Dish supervisor states call me direct if there is a no show/problems (LIAR!!!) answering machine full for a week.

HI DEF reciever internally failed (did send a new one ASAP though. Reciever freezes constantly and have to reset for 15 minutes. Now external problem on HI DEF Dish and they are charging me $95 dollars for service tech. They failed to tell me this plan at time of installation.

I'm stuck with 6 months left of contract. DISH sucks and hope they rot to ***.

Nothing but frustration on my behalf. They say they are your friend and will take care of you.LIARS, LIARS,LIARS,LIARS!!!!!!!



*** on 'em. They will go away because they SUCK!!!

I have tried to deal with this bunch of inbreads and you are absolutley right.

They SUCK!!! If I could I would whip the tar out of any one of the bunch of incompetent idiots that make up this JOKE of a company!!!

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